Top Picks for Conscious Gift Giving

…with Guest Blogger, Lauryn Blakesley

Being conscious of how we can live our lives in a more sustainable manner is something that can and should be done year round. Each and every day, I discover new ways that I can continue to work toward the goal of sustainable living. This year my family is focusing on conscious gift giving. Each and every gift that we give will have a greater purpose. Whether it is to support the local farmer or cheese-maker out there, to support fair trade by investing in a company that does it right, or to purchase eco-friendly and sustainable products, giving consciously is a top priority for spreading the word about the importance of sustainability and following that practice ourselves.

When it comes to giving consciously, there are no shortage of options out there and Kimberton Whole Foods can be a go-to place for shopping for these products. Throughout the year, I have been keeping a list of products and themes that are important to me. As I come across a product that fits the bill, I write it down along with the name of someone that it would make a good gift for. This has helped me not only remain organized, but also introduce me to some of the brands that believe in the same principles that I do.

Top Picks for Conscious Gifts | Kimberton Whole Foods

Here are some of the products that are at the top of my list this year:

1.  Giving locally produced goods means giving quality products that bind you with your community through contributing to the lives of your neighbors and supporting the local economy. Continue reading