KWF Partners with Lundale Farm to Support Local Farmers


Kimberton Whole Foods Partners with Lundale Farm

Lundale Farm is made up of 420 acres of preserved land, and is located less than 7 miles from our Kimberton location.

We are proud to work with Lundale Farm to support local farmers.
KWF CEO and Founder, Terry Brett pictured with Marilyn, Executive Director at Lundale Farm

Marilyn (right) with Terry (left). Terry received an award from the Board of Directors for his “service as a Director, his creative thinking, his encouragement to new farmers, and his generous donations of time and effort to a fledgling organization.

“Lundale exists to help new farmers overcome two major obstacles: access to affordable land and housing. Our deep connection with KWF helps address another major roadblock for new farmers-accessing markets for their products and being able to command a fair price. Lundale is creating opportunity for farmers who want to run for-profit farm enterprises and dedicate themselves to farming as a career. We couldn’t do that without the ongoing commitment of KWF to purchase, promote and sell locally grown foods.” – Marilyn Anthony, Executive Director at Lundale Farm


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