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Kimberton Whole Foods Jacobs Raw

Jacob’s Raw fermented products now includes a line of raw tonics that give you a serious nutritional boost! They are made using the finest organic ingredients, incorporating as much local produce from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative that is available by season. Owner Scott Grzybek and his family pride themselves on the traditional fermentation methods used and their small batch process.

jacobs raw kimberton whole foods

Jacob’s Raw owner, Scott, outside of their facility in Palm, PA.

“I started working for a farm store in Maryland – most of their produce was grown on site. I wanted to become more knowledgeable in organic grown foods and I got into fermenting from that. It was pretty easy for me because I had a chemical engineering background, so it wasn’t scary for me to think of leaving food out for long time. I found out I was good at it, so I started the company back in 2008. Kimberton Whole Foods has always been a big part of what we d0,” says Scott.

Traditional cultured vegetables are the perfect low sugar source of raw nutrition, enzymes and naturally occurring probiotics. “Tonics are more concentrated,” the lactic acid fermentation keeps nutrients intact and has been shown to increase the amount of Vitamin C and digestive enzymes present. Lactobacilli eat the naturally occurring starches and sugars in the raw, organic veggies and turn them into lactic acid, preserving everything perfectly, in a pristine raw state. It also makes everything probiotic, because the ingredients are never heated.jacobs raw kimberton whole foods

Check out the four unique varieties of Jacob’s Raw tonics which can be found in or near our produce department:

Turmeric Ginger – Chock full of curcumin, known to be one of nature’s best anti-inflammatories. It works perfectly with fresh ginger and black pepper to unlock its full potential!
Pure Greens – Spinach, kale, dandelion and parsley – just to name a few! This is a perfect range of raw, untouched phytonutrients.
Immuni-Root – Adaptogenic roots for immune boosting and energy balance, perfect in these cold, winter months.
Beet GingerBeets have long been thought of as liver and blood cleansers and the naturally occurring nitrates promote circulatory health.

Our stores also carry Jacob’s Raw certified organic raw kraut in the produce department.

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