Sweetwater Baking Company, Kimberton, PA – 15.8 miles

Sweetwater Baking Company is located in Kimberton, PA on the grounds of Camphill Village, a community for adults with developmental disabilities. The bakery has formed a wonderful partnership with Camphill by giving residents a chance to learn a vocation and practice new skills. Current bakery owners, Saul and Natalie, explain, “We work with a crew of apprentices, interns and community residents who are interested in learning about bread making.”


With the help of their crew, each week the sweet aroma of freshly-baked bread, cookies and granola fills the air at the adjoining Camphill Café. True to their artisan roots, Sweetwater Baking Company does not compromise on quality, and remains dedicated to the time honored practice of making bread. “Our methods involve taking the time to make the best products without the stabilizers, preservatives, flavor enhancers and other things that even natural and organic foods may contain. The result is a healthier, higher quality product that can’t be copied by taking shortcuts. It’s a process that takes almost three days from beginning to end.”

Traditional baking methods, combined with the use of organic and local ingredients whenever possible, are essential to the quality of their baked goods. “Our whole grain flour is milled here in the bakery with a special stone mill that was imported from Austria. We use the most local, simple and highest quality ingredients that we can find. For instance, the spelt that we use is grown just down the road in Kimberton.”

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of running the bakery, Saul replied, “There is no one thing that is most rewarding about this work. I am grateful to be able to make a good product that is nourishing and satisfying to eat; to work with the great diversity of people who offer their time and enthusiasm; and to work with people with special needs, who are so good at just being themselves. Being able to support my family in a way that feels wholesome, in a beautiful place, with supportive people all around, is a priceless gift that I wish more people had the opportunity to experience.”

Sweet Water Baking Company sources all organic ingredients including oats, coconut, sugar, millet, sesame & pumpkin seeds, peanuts, butter, and more from Kimberton Whole Foods. Learn more about our commitment to local vendors.