Stoudts Holiday Stollen

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At the beginning of the holiday season a variety of seasonal produce, specialty gourmet items, handcrafted gifts and traditional baked goods at the store. We especially look forward to the arrival of freshly baked stollen from Stoudts’ Wonderful Good Market. Longtime artisan baker, Elizabeth Stoudt, uses a special family recipe to create this traditional German fruit bread. Locally-made and delicious, the sweet bread is a favorite dessert option. Ideal for serving with coffee, tea or hot chocolate at holiday gatherings, the festively wrapped loaf of bread makes the perfect hostess gift. Stoudt’s Stollen bread is currently available at all stores while supplies last.

How Stollen is Made

‘Tis the season to indulge in old world traditions. If you have not tried Elizabeth’s stollen, you are in for a treat. She starts with organic flour, free-range eggs, and sweet cream butter, then loads the dough with almonds and rum soaked dried fruits which include plump dried cherries, golden raisins, currants, and apricots. She bakes the loaves until they are golden brown and finally brushes them with sweet cream butter and sprinkles on confectionery sugar.

For our beer lovers, Elizabeth also makes a Beer Marzipan Stollen, available in all stores.


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