Bauman’s Sassamansville, PA – 29.3 miles

Baumans Kimberton Whole FoodsBauman’s Fruit Butters and Cider got its start in 1892 when John W. Bauman purchased a cider press, which ran on a steam engine in his carriage manufacturing shop. Using a family recipe, John soon replaced his carriage shop with making apple butter full time. Today the business is operated by the third generation of Baumans, with John’s grandson Harvey and his wife Kathy keeping the tradition alive.

Harvey recalls experiences at the store as a child.

“My fondest memories are of seeing old, friendly customers – many who spoke Pennsylvania Dutch to me – return year after year.”

The most valuable things past generations have taught the current owners?

“To take care of customers and provide consistently good, quality products.”

Bauman's Kimberton Whole FoodsTheir butters use local fruit picked at the height of the season, then cooked to produce a naturally smooth spread, with no added pectin, thickeners, preservatives or additives. Kimberton Whole Foods carries their pumpkin, apple and cherry butters as well as Bauman’s Cider, available seasonally each September through late fall.

Easy ways to use pumpkin butter

  • Baked Brie with Pumpkin Butter and Sliced Almonds
  • Blend with Cream Cheese to put on a bagel or toast
  • Glaze for chicken or pork chops
  • The Bauman’s Family Pumpkin Pancakes – add a half cup of pumpkin butter to your pancake mix

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