Children’s Holiday Gift Guide

Look to the shelves of your local Kimberton Whole Foods for a variety of handmade, eco-friendly, ethically-produced, organic, and sustainable toys for your little ones. Let the fun begin!

Children's Holiday Gift Guide Kimberton Whole Foods

Minga Fair Trade Toy Guitar

Spark a love of music with this adorable toy guitar from Minga. Crafted in Peru and fairly traded. Children's Holiday Gift Guide Kimberton Whole Foods

Andes Gifts Hats

Andes Gifts items are hand-crafted year round by hundreds of indigenous women residing in the highlands of both Peru and Bolivia. Keep your little one warm with a cozy and stylish hat.Children's Holiday Gift Guide Kimberton Whole Foods

Momma Goose Amber Necklaces

All they want for Christmas is their two front teeth, but they could do without the pain! Baltic Amber necklaces from Momma Goose are used as a natural pain relief for babies, toddlers, and adults alike. (The amber is meant to be worn against the skin, NOT chewed or ingested – always supervise your child while wearing this item.) Children's Holiday Gift Guide Kimberton Whole Foods

Silk Road Bazaar Booties

Silk Road Bazaar sells goods produced by marginalized artist groups located in Central Asia. These handmade booties are unique, warm, and oh-so-cute.Childrens Holiday Gifts Kimberton Whole Foods

Maple Landmark Wooden Teethers

Made in Vermont, these natural teethers are the perfect answer to concerns over toxic chemicals and finishes. Each is rounded and sanded smooth to the touch and to the mouth and gums. Large enough for babies to get their hands and arms around and small enough to be comfortable in the mouth.

Mountain Craft Shop Slingshot

The Mountain Craft Shop Company is located in West Virginia. They make “traditional games from years past.” This classic slingshot is good old fashioned fun!Children's Holiday Gift Guide Kimberton Whole Foods

Under the Nile Dolls

These Fair Trade dolls are made with 100% organic Egyptian cotton and absolutely NO Azo colorants, BPA, flame retardants, formaldehyde, fragrance, PVC, or lead. Snuggle away!Children's Holiday Gift Guide Kimberton Whole Foods

Green Toys (Cars, Trucks, and more!)

Made in the USA, these toys are made by transforming recycled milk jugs into imaginative playthings. From design to production, these toys are entirely crafted in San Francisco and Chicago, and are green right down to the recycled cardboard packaging. Children's Holiday Gift Guide Kimberton Whole Foods

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