Community-Building at Beaver Farm

Offering our customers spelt flour from Beaver Farm is more than an opportunity to feature a locally grown and milled product, and even more than a way to support the Camphill Movement. It is a full-circle moment, and choosing it for our stores gave KWF founders Pat and Terry Brett an opportunity to look back at the origins of our community store.
Community Building: Beaver Farm | Kimberton Whole Foods. Photo Credit: Camphill Village


Terry and Pat arrived in this area in 1978 at Beaver Farm, and it was there that they were exposed to Waldorf education, Camphill, and biodynamic agriculture. Terry calls their time there a “karmic event” in their lives; from this initial exposure grew a decision to put down roots in the area and create both a family and a farm store, which grew into KWF and eventually into four (and counting!) markets for products grown and made with biodynamic principles.


Beaver Farm is located fewer than 2 miles from our Kimberton location, and operates the Camphill Special School’s Transition Program for young adults. This spelt flour was grown as a part of that program, and reflects the best in sustainable agriculture and social renewal through community-building. It was milled at Small Valley Milling, a Certified Organic, family owned and operated mill located in Halifax, PA.


Practically speaking, the spelt flour tastes wonderful in baked goods; the grain itself has a nutty taste, and its low gluten (relative to wheat) gives it an excellent crumb. Buy a pound and make some cookies – giving them as a holiday gift makes for an extra conscious present – homemade cookies, made from products grown locally and with a social mission!

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