Coronavirus Update

The health and safety of our customers and team members is our number one priority during this time. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation by using the Pennsylvania Department of Health and CDC  as our primary information resources. This is an ever-changing situation that we will continue to monitor very closely on a daily basis.

Mask Policy:

All customers are required to wear a mask or face covering while on premises. We understand that for some individuals, wearing a face mask poses a safety risk due to their medical condition. We are offering the following services and accommodations:

  • Customers who have forgotten their face mask will be asked to wear a mask provided by the store.
  • Customers that are unwilling to wear a mask should use our curbside grocery pickup option. Click, here for details.
  • Masks must cover both mouth and nose.
  • Customers who are unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition, are under the age of 2, or because they are unable to remove the mask without assistance, are permitted to shop in our stores. Additionally, they will be offered curbside grocery pickup and a disposable face shield to accommodate their needs.

Our store mask policy is in accordance with orders from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. To read the full order and exceptions to the order, visit their website here.

Adjusting our operations:
  • We have returned to normal store hours. Please review hours for your local store
  • The first hour of operation on Sundays will be a designated At-Risk and Senior Hour. We would like to thank our customers in advance for their understanding as we do our best to serve those most vulnerable. 
  • Select reach-in bulk products, bulk herbs and spices, and nut butter grinders are currently unavailable.
  • At any store where it applies, we will temporarily be suspending our Hot Bar, Salad Bar and Deli Counter services. Hot Soup service is available at select locations.
For the safety of our customers & team members:
  • We ask anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness, or anyone believing they’ve been exposed to coronavirus to take the recommended precautions and not shop at Kimberton Whole Foods.
  • Limit shopping to one family member, whenever possible.
  • Our team members will continue to frequently wash their hands.
  • All team members are required to wear a mask or face covering and will have access to disposable masks.
  • Our stores will sanitize frequently touched surfaces including shopping carts and baskets, door handles, keyboards, pin pads, and checkout lanes.
  • Disinfectant wipes are available at the front of the store for wiping off shopping carts and shopping basket handles.
  • Practice social distancing and keep a safe distance from other shoppers and team members.
  • Avoid handling and/or opening product that you are not purchasing.
  • Observe the product limitations on specific items, noted on in-store signage.
  • We will not be accepting BYO mugs for drip coffee or bulk, please leave yours at home.
What we’re doing for our team members:
  • Updated our benefits to include: confirmed illness pay, direct-contact quarantine pay, and flexibility to our attendance policy.
  • Team members are to practice social distancing in our stores, offices and facilities.
  • We have implemented Appreciation Pay for our dedicated frontline team members.

Thank you,
The KWF Team

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57 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update

  1. I just wanted to thank your amazing staff for keeping the shelves stocked at breakneck pace all while remaining in good spirits! I am sure I speak for many families who feel that KWF is an important community center as well as a great place to buy yummy organic food. It has been heartening to see how all your employees have jumped in to help. You are ALL appreciated!

    • Thank you for caring for our community & for your staff. I am pleased that I can still buy what my family needs from your store. I’ve always love Kimberton but seeing how conscientious & competent your staff is made me love you all more! You are essential & I value all of your efforts during this unprecedented time. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  2. I want to thank the whole team at all the Kimberton Whole Foods locations for everything you are doing. Your stores are immaculate all the time. To all the employees we appreciate you so much at this trying time! Stay well!

  3. Thanks so much to the entire Kimberton Whole Foods team! You are beacons of kindness, creative problem solving and relative normalcy in these strange times. Can’t imagine life without you guys!!!

    • Throughout the years, I have been educated and supported by KWF team members. I have benefited from the quality whole foods and other healthy items available there. It’s a place I feel comfortable bringing my special needs teenager without judgement or concern. Everyone is so very kind and compassionate. Thank you all for the quality of community and life that you have provided. I am looking forward to brighter, clearer days for us all. God bless you!

  4. A huge thank you to KWF and the staff. I went shopping yesterday because I care for two parents who are immune compromised. My family is grateful for yours KWF family, which includes your staff. It is important for us as customers to take a moment to say thank you because your workers are risking their health to serve all of our communities and families. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  5. Ditto! Thank you to all the KWF staff! You guys are everyday heroes. Thank you for looking out for the general public by tirelessly restocking the shelves providing gloves/wipes throughout the store. You all are so wonderful!

  6. Would you consider having special hours for elderly customers? My parents shop at the Malvern location and this would be a huge help to them. Thank you!

    • Hello, We are now able to offer a senior and at-risk hour that is in the best interest of both our customers and team members, and will allow safe distance between individuals in the store. Beginning on Thursday, March 26 we will designate 10AM – 11AM on Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays to accommodate the shopping needs of our senior and at-risk community. Thank you for your patience as we worked out the details of this.

  7. Best wishes Kimberton team, as you continue with best practices to serve your appreciative community. ❣️

  8. I absolutely adore KWF and am a frequent weekly (sometimes daily) shopper. However currently I am shopping once a week and am so grateful for all of the staff working so hard. I know many staff by face not name unfortunately but a huge shout out to Jacinda for going above and beyond (which I feel most of you guys do)! I also love that there are some limitations on certain essential items so that our community can all enjoy our favorite essential items and take only what we need. I will always support KWF and may you all stay healthy and happy during these difficult times.

  9. Thank you Kimberton staff for providing your service during this time. Also thanks a lot for getting me hooked on Fritt candy! Love it! Stay safe everyone.

  10. Just want to add my voice to the chorus with a resounding thank you!! Every one of you is sincerely appreciated for your service to the community- we will get through this difficult time together and we will be better for having endured it.

  11. Thank you, Kimberton!! So nice to have my normal place to shop in such a time of uncertainty. Love the tips for how we can shop better to help everyone involved. The Douglassville staff is AMAZING!!

    • Hello Meredith, We are pursuing an online ordering format but this option is not available at this time. In the meantime, please call your local store to see how they can accommodate your needs.

    • This would be so helpful. Delivery or curbside. People who have medical or immune issues and can not leave home are having difficulty getting groceries 🙁

      • Hi Meredith, Thanks for reaching out! We are not offering delivery at this time, but we are pursuing an online ordering format for the future. In the meantime, please call your local store to see how they can accommodate your needs.

        • I heard you were doing curbside; you are not? Some of us are not comfortable in the store, esp in tight quarters, like around the produce. Thank you.

          • We have an online ordering platform in its testing phase. It will become widely available in the coming weeks. Until then, please call your local store for instructions on how to order curbside.


  13. Best place in the world to shop! Quality food and products, great customer service. Each and every staff member is so kind and helpful. It feels like family! A sincere thank you to all for your loving dedication to us, your customers, during this time.

  14. A friend just told me that Kimberton has special hours for senior shopping that are not at the crack of dawn! Wise move because not all seniors or those who are at-risk can rise and get to the store early. Thank you for being part of our rural community.

    • I like all the precautions on your Coronavirus Update section for best possible hygiene. I hope everyone READS them before they come to shop! I looked at the bigger local grocery stores, and unfortunately, no one seems to be doing curb-side or delivery in our general area.

  15. My husband and I thank you for your continued efforts at keeping the store well stocked and for the early hours for seniors and compromised customers- as we are both! He does the shopping now and I miss my KWF experience greatly. He was very impressed at the “plexiglass partition” at the registers.
    Thanks to the dedicated staff (friends really) at the Downingtown store.; I miss you. Please stay safe and best to you and your families.

  16. Glad you are braving this and giving the communities you serve the necessary fuel to withstand . Love you

  17. Thank you for keeping us supplied with fresh local clean food. It’s so important, and you folks should know we are grateful for you!

  18. we really appreciate the store remaining open for if a real NECESSITY. it is a real asset to the community in that way.

    but i did see there are cases in east pikeland, phoenixville, etc. it is already right here. ppl need to stay home unless a true need in order to stop this pandemic. too many ppl have not taken this seriously enough and are still meeting all over the place. it only takes 1 to infect many others. and ppl will do some safeguards only to then ruin them in a moment of not thinking. stay home!

  19. Echoing all the great comments here. Love the Malvern staff, so nice! Also wanted to alert Seniors not to fall for the “WholeFoodsAmazon” hype of senior hours 7 to 8. The amazon delivery pickers are in the store at the same time, all under 30, congregating and chatting. I went in search of a nimans ranch ham and got outa there, never ever again. Ever!
    I wonder if Kimberton Whole Foods might be carrying Nimans Ranch hams this year? A ham for two seems silly though doesnt it?

    • Hi Paula, Thanks for your kind feedback about our Malvern team. We are offering hams from Garrett Valley Farms this year – available while supplies last. Thanks for shopping with us!

  20. I’ve been shopping at Kimberton Whole foods since the 1990s when there was just the original store. We <3 your wonderful Collegeville store and the staff! Thank you for being such an amazing asset to the community.

  21. We greatly appreciate your Downingtown store and consider it an indispensable asset for our community. Thank you for your excellent products and service, also your friendly, kind, efficient and helpful employees. Of course, during this pandemic you all have proven to be even more valuable, more important and more appreciated than ever. We thank you, heartily!

  22. It’s hard to overstate how much I value the Kimberton staff- thank you so much for your continued dedication in providing your service to the community, at great personal sacrifice. Any updates on delivery/pickup?
    I hope it will be available soon.

  23. I want to thank the Kimberton Whole Foods staff and owners for being such a support to our community. Kimberton Whole Foods and the Brett family have from their very early roots in that small little milk-house been an integral part the Kimberton community. Your store created a meeting place as well as providing excellent quality food, and your contributions and generosity to the community have been superb. Thank you so much for your incredibly hard work.

  24. I certainly echo all of the positive comments here! However,the number of people shopping who are unprotected,neither masks or gloves is not acceptable.What planet are these people living on!? This is not virtual reality folks,the virus is among us! In talking to the staff, their fear is palpable! I ask our community to take care of each other in these difficult times,thank you!

  25. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Kimberton Whole Foods Malvern! Before Pandemic I was there 3 x a week…now I have been doing curbside pickup once a week. The service and attention to detail for items on my list is impeccable. Besides the great service and excellent variety of meats, I love supporting this local business!

  26. love kimberton, travel Miles Getting there. wonderful service. excellent organic food. God bless you hardworking people . stay strong in These difficult times !

  27. Extraordinary group of workers. Great attitude. Very helpful. Kind. Leadership at Kimberton exceptional. Thank you. I will now become a regular.

  28. This is the absolute best grocery store! We are so grateful and appreciative of your commitment, dedication and service to the community. Everyone is always helpful, engaging, courteous and friendly, the store is spotless and well stocked, with the most beautiful produce anywhere and fresh local bread and other essentials. We are so happy you came to Malvern and we are your biggest fans! Keep doing all the good you do and God Bless you!

  29. Thanks for keeping the shelves stocked & Your employees are all
    Super amazing!! I think Everyone misses the Coffee Bar !! Can’t wait to see it reopen

  30. We all appreciate your dedicated staff. They are doing a fabulous job. I would like to comment though on some customer behavior. There are many “couples” shopping, and some people bringing in children, and also non-mask wearers. The idea behind these steps are to avoid getting someone sick who has is older or compromised health. Some individuals don’t seem to understand this. It is not a question of hindering someone’s freedom, it is about caring for your neighbor. Customers also need to respect the staff and maintain social distance from the staff. They too could become ill. Customers in the area around the checkout registers seem to totally forego social distancing.

  31. I have been a loyal customer since the day Terry came to the Brig O’ Doon to ask a small group of us if we thought Ottsville would make for a good store location. That was almost 14 years ago! This is a great store with an upbeat, and dedicated staff. Here is my ‘but’. I went last Sunday, June 7, mid morning, and the store was a zoo. It was not possible to practice social distancing in some of the aisles. I felt so uncomfortable, and ended up just rushing through and getting the bare minimum. I have felt so safe going there all spring when the store limited the number of customers that could be in the store, but now I will have to plan more carefully and be sure to come on off hours. The only suggestion I can make is that the store remove the display tent in the middle of the back aisle. It narrowed the walking areas substantially, creating a traffic jam. Kudos to Kimberton overall, though, and especially for being so diligent about wiping down the carts. It shows they care.

    • Hello Paul, In an effort to provide the safest environment for our customers and team members, we are recommending that customers limit shopping to one family member, whenever possible. This reduces the number of individuals in the store, and allows more space for social distancing, especially at our smaller locations.

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