Eagles Peak Spring Water, Foutainville, PA – 39 Miles

Eagles Peak Spring Water is locally owned and operated, just outside of Doylestown, PA. Clarence Meyers, founder of Eagles Peak, began selling pure mountain spring water in Bucks County back in 1958. Customers love their water for its crisp, refreshing taste, due to naturally-occurring minerals found in the water, sourced from springs in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Eagles Peak Kimberton Whole Foods

The company is proud to maintain a low carbon footprint, which is made possible by their close proximity to the springs, and to their local customers. The water is piped down the mountain, filtered through a 5-micron mesh system, and stored in stainless steel tanks before it is bottled for sale. In an effort to keep the water as pure as possible, the air of the bottling plant is filtered and UV lighted.

Enjoy Eagles Peak water whenever you need a clean, pure water source, such as in soups, when preparing baby formula, and to drink.

We proudly offer glass bottled water from Eagle Peak in all of our Kimberton Whole Foods stores, providing a fantastic alternative to plastic bottles. Pay a deposit on the bottle, then receive a deposit refund when you return it to us. The glass can also be reused or recycled. The bottles feature the brand’s vintage logo from the 1940’s.

As stated on their website, “Our water is continuously tested to exceed State regulations and follow the strict guidelines set forth by the International Bottled Water Association.”

Eagles Peak Kimberton Whole Foods

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