Gift Guide: Host and Hostess Gifts

With the holiday season in full swing, invitations to parties and gatherings have likely begun to hit your mailbox.  Whether it’s your neighbors’ annual Open House, a holiday party hosted by a colleague, or Christmas dinner at your sister-in-law’s house, we’ve got a host(ess) gift that fits the bill and is sure to delight!


  1. Confetti Recycled Wine Glass Set, $22.99
  2. Holiday Spirit Eco Palm Wax Votives (lightly scented w/ cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and vanilla), $2.25 each
  3. Woodland Animal Bottlebrush Hanging Ornaments (additional animals available in store), $6.99 each
  4. Lifefactory Stemless Wine Glasses, $11.99 each
  5. Rioja Recycled Wine Glasses, $10.99 each
  6. Salt Lamp, $39.99 (assorted varieties starting at $19.99)
  7. Local Handcrafted Ceramic Mugs, starting at $19.99 each
  8. Bedu Triple Milled Camel Milk Soap, $5.99 each (on sale now for $4.99!)
  9. Cleansing Smudge Sticks (assorted varieties, starting at $4.99)
  10. Beeswax Tapers, plain- $8.99, decorative- $7.99
  11. Hanging Air Plant Terrarium, $17.99 each
  12. Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap, Orange Clove Holiday Scent, $4.99
  13. Nordic Tree Ring Wooden Trivet, $20.99
  14. Nordic Dreams Gnomes, $18.99 each

*Availability of gifts may vary by store.  Items can be transferred between stores!




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