Mad Dog Farm, Bloomsburg, PA – 74 Miles

Mad Dog Farm Black Garlic

Mad Dog Farm is a small diversified and sustainable farm located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Black garlic is made on-farm from our sustainably grown garlic. It’s heat fermented at 150F for just about a month, then allowed to cure at room temperature for an additional 10 days. After this process the garlic is slightly smoky with qualities of a dried fruit, molasses and balsamic vinegar.

During the heating process, some of the garlic’s natural sugars and amino acids are converted into the antioxidant, melanoidin, which is responsible for the darkened color. The process doubles the amount of antioxidants (compared to that of fresh garlic) and reduces the odor associated with raw garlic. Eat it as it is or try it in a roasted garlic hummus, shaved on salads, or a simple black garlic dipping oil.

Store black garlic at room temperature in a sealed bag to keep it from drying out. It can also be peeled and frozen, otherwise, its shelf life is one year. If the garlic begins to feel moist from the natural sugars, open the bag and let breath for a day before resealing.