New Arrivals

We’re always looking for exciting new items to offer our customers. Our team values the ingredients that go into making high quality products and the integrity of the companies making them. Product availability varies by location. Can’t find what you’re looking for at your local Kimberton Whole Foods? We’re happy to place special orders for our customers!

Sach Paneer

Rooted in Indian cuisine, paneer is a time-tested, nutrient rich food that’s also a high-protein favorite for millions around the world. Made with sustainable, grass-fed California milk. Try Original and Spicy Habanero. 

Deca & Otto Buffalo Mozzarella

Made with smooth, creamy buffalo milk from a herd that roams on large pastures, and is milked by hand. Buffalo milk has 30% to 40% less cholesterol and more protein than cow’s milk.

GT’s Cacao Coconut Yogurt

Rich, creamy, and dairy free, this plant-based probiotic powerhouse is simply crafted with real, raw young coconuts—no creams, powders, fillers, gums, or emulsifiers. Authentically fermented to offer 100 billion living probiotics per serving.

Vital Farms Eggs

The pasture-raised eggs you already love, now in easy-to-enjoy products for fast and delicious breakfasts. Look for Hard Boiled Eggs, Bacon Cheddar Egg Bites, Ham Cheddar Egg Bites, and Liquid Eggs.

Hawthorne Valley Fermented Foods

Made with vegetables grown on organic, regenerative farms. Try their kraut juice and hot sauces for a unique way to get your daily probiotics! Try Daily Fix Kraut Juice, Turmeric Kraut Juice, Habanero Carrot Hot Sauce, and Ginger Garlic Hot Sauce.

Chobani Coffee Creamer

Chobani Coffee Creamer is made from farm-fresh cream that comes naturally from their yogurt-making process. Real milk and real cane sugar round out a simple list of five or fewer natural ingredients. Try Vanilla and Hazelnut.

Whisked Baked Goods

Baked from scratch in Washington, D.C. by a woman-owned company.  Each product is crafted with fresh ingredients, just like mom used to make. Look for Oatmeal Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cowboy Cookies, Vegan Chocolate Blackout Cookies, and more. 

Cafe Spice Rice Entrees

Ready-to-enjoy flavorful meals – find them in our grab-and-go section! Try Tofu Cashew Korma, Roasted Chicken Cumin, and Pomegranate Chicken.

Coconut Girl Cookie Sandwiches

A paleo cookie sandwich that is a healthy alternative to ice cream, made with almond butter and rich coconut cream. Try Aloha Chocolate and Beach Bum Maple.

Raise American Gluten-Free Meatballs

Gluten free, organic, made with grass-fed beef. 

Bulk Mini Peanut Butter Cups

These organic miniature peanut butter cups are wonderful by the handful, served over ice cream, or tossed into your favorite trail mix.

Good Crisp Salt and Vinegar Crisps

The bold tang of vinegar, balanced and enhanced by the savory crunch of sea salt crystals.

GT’s Kombucha

New flavors! Try California Citrus and Lemon Berry.

Hoplark Chamomile Tea

The Calm One is made with organic chamomile flowers and Citra hops. It’s a healthy way to relax after a long day!

Ios Fruit Juice

Delicious, 100% natural, certified organic fruit juices, pasteurized for a longer shelf life. Try unique flavors like Forest Fruits, Super Chia, and Tropical. 

Jeff’s Spicy Italian Olive Antipasto

A colorful combination of large green olives, tangy peperoncini, rich red bell peppers and fresh, savory garlic, all marinated to perfection. Serve at a party, on a salad, or take on a picnic.

Mina Moroccan Olive Oil

Mina Single Source Virgin Olive Oil is delightfully light without being overwhelming, making it a versatile staple for any modern kitchen.

Over Easy Breakfast Bars

11 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber to start your day right! Free of gluten, refined sugars, dairy, and soy. Try Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, and Banana Peanut Butter.

Serenity Kids Roots Puree

This savory blend of root veggies has zero added sugars or sugary fruits which allows your little one to develop a love for the rich taste of root veggies at an early age.

Siete Potato Chips

Crunchy kettle chips that are non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Try Chipotle BBQ, Fuego, Sea Salt, and Sea Salt Vinegar.

Sky Valley General Tso Sauce

Sweet, tangy, and a little zesty! Organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Use in all your favorite recipes.

Tessemae’s Dressings

Flavorful and made with organic ingredients. Try Buffalo Ranch, Classic Ranch, Cilantro Ranch, Classic Italian, and Lemon Pepper.

Bonne Maman Preserves

More flavors to love from Bonne Maman! Try Blackberry and Mango.

Rise Oat Milk

Rise original oat milk begins with just 4 simple ingredients: organic oats, organic sunflower oil, water, and sea salt. Creamy, slightly sweet, and refreshingly smooth. Try Original, Chocolate, and Vanilla.

Pacific Cashew Milk

Made with organic and Fair Trade Certified™ cashews that support safe working conditions and sustainable growing practices in the farming communities. Its mild yet creamy profile is great for baking.

Eden Soy Extra

Fortified with the finest bioavailable vegan quality vitamins and calcium that can be procured.

Irwin Naturals Men’s Supplements

Fenugreek RED Softgels are a unique 2-in-1 formula for men of all ages that combines the unique phytochemistry found in Fenugreek with the power of LJ100® LongJack and L-Citrulline.  L-Arginine + Horny Goat Weed combines traditional botanicals and targeted nutrients to support male enhancement and pleasure.

Natural Factors Affron Saffron

May be used to help maintain a positive mood, promote restful sleep, and support emotional well-being. Natural Factors Saffron features Affron®, a 100% pure source of standardized Spanish saffron extract that has been DNA-certified for authenticity and has undergone study in multiple clinical trials.

Host Defense Chaga Mycelium Powder

Host Defense uses fully bio-available Chaga mycelium. Their advanced culturing techniques of the mycelium preserve a wide array of constituents. Sustainably grown without adversely affecting the native mycoflora.

Ocean’s Promise Sea Moss Gel

Sea Moss, also known as Irish Moss, is rich in minerals, vitamins, and protein, and is antimicrobial. Mix into beverages or apply topically for skin and hair benefits. Try Original Gel or Gel with Bladderwrack & Burdock.

KAL Magnesium Glycinate

KAL Magnesium Glycinate is made by reacting the mineral magnesium with free-form amino acid glycine. This meticulous process produces magnesium of the greatest quality, chelated and highly bioavailable. Try 400mg tablets or gel caps.

Acure Ultimate Hydrating Skincare

Intense moisture for super thirsty skin types. Try Cucumber Superfine Mist, Facial Gel Cream, Watermelon Seed Oil, 12-Hour Facial Moisturizer, Eye Cream, and Overnight Dream Cream.

Booda Vegan Gift Bag

This happy, little gift bag is sure to bring a smile to the face of the lucky person who receives it! The biodegradable bag contains 3 of Booda’s most beloved, organic, vegan and sustainably-packaged products, as well as a sticker and note card!

Every Man Jack Body Care

New products from a customer-favorite brand: Try Sandalwood Body Wash and Sea Salt Deodorant.

Schmidt’s Deodorants

New scents to love from Schmidt’s: Try Fresh Fir Spruce, Sandalwood Citrus, and Coconut Kaolin Clay.