Real Meals: Strawberry, Chicken, and Asparagus Salad
This week's Real Meal is a Strawberry, Chicken, and Asparagus Salad. It's a flavorful and healthy meal that won't weigh you down.
Hummingbird Kombucha Mocktail Recipe
This "zero proof" Baba's Bucha mocktail recipe is perfect for Spring! You can find Baba's Brew kombucha in all six Kimberton Whole Foods stores, and on-tap at our Collegeville, Downingtown, Kimberton, and Malvern stores.
Real Meals: Apple and Cranberry Tuna Salad
Try this Apple and Cranberry Tuna Salad for dinner tonight! The crisp Fuji apple lends great texture, and the cranberries give it just enough sweetness.
Real Meals: Sausage and Kale Soup
Try this hearty and warming Sausage and Kale Soup. It comes together with simple, healthy ingredients - many of which you probably already have on hand!
Real Meals: Blackberry Pecan Pancakes
Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? Try making these decadent Blackberry Pecan Pancakes tonight and let us know what you think!
Creamy Kale Salad Recipe
"This creamy kale salad is a perfect side dish to any dinner. The garnet sweet potatoes give it a vibrant color and delicious boost of flavor. It's a healthy, feel-good dish, packed with vitamins and minerals." -Colin Brett
Real Meals: Ravioli with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts
This week's meal uses Vera Pasta ravioli, a local favorite. Ravioli with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts comes together in just 4 easy steps!
Roasted Mushrooms with Kashmiri Curry
With just a few fresh ingredients and a jar of their Kashmiri Curry, you can have this delicious meal on your table in under 30 minutes.
Real Meals: Franks and Beans with Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread
This week's meal is good old fashioned comfort food: Franks and Beans with Jalapeno Corn Bread - made fresh in our kitchen!
Real Meals: Pasta with Vegan “Meat” Sauce
This week's meal uses Beyond Burgers to create a savory, meat-like sauce that is served over pasta. We recommend serving this with a big green salad on the side, to balance this meal.
Fruit Crumble Bars
You can find this recipe in Kimberton Whole Foods Cookbook: A Family History with Recipes, available in all Kimberton Whole Foods stores.
Real Meals: Broccoli and Bacon Pizza
This week's meal is some serious comfort-food: Broccoli and Bacon Pizza with lots of extra organic cheese. Put it together in 5 easy steps!
Carrot Ginger Quinoa Soup
"The carrot and fresh ginger pair so well together and the quinoa gives the soup its body. You really only need a handful of simple ingredients to make this delicious meal." -Colin Brett
Real Meals: Garlic Strip Steak with Lemon Green Beans
This week's meal is low-carb and full of flavor. We make this Garlic New York strip Steak with Lemon Green Beans using 100% grass-fed beef from Thousand Hills.
Kale Caesar Salad
Over the years, we’ve perfected this salad of hearty greens, complimented by a tangy and spicy dressing – and our customers have demanded the...
Asian Style Citrus Salad
Citrus season is in full swing, and we are making the most of it! From sweets, to savory entrees, to light and fresh recipes like this Asian Style Citrus Salad - there are endless ways to enjoy these bright and tangy fruits.
Real Meals: Soup with Grilled Cheese
This week, take advantage of our sale on our made-from-scratch soup, for the easiest dinner yet! Soup with Grilled Cheese is a hearty and healthy meal that everyone in the family can enjoy.
Real Meals: Cara Cara Orange Chicken
This recipe for Cara Cara Orange Chicken comes together very quickly but packs a ton of flavor. Serve it with rice and steamed broccoli for a complete meal!
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