Sally B Munch Bars, West Chester, PA – 11.1 Miles


Image by Mike Miville, Fig West Chester.

Munch Bars are handmade and wholesome granola squares made with tasty local ingredients like almond butter and kale. They are “always gluten free, vegan and GMO free” and include organic soaked nuts and fair trade organic succanut.

*Never heard of succanut? It’s made from sugar cane grown in Costa Rica and retains the minerals and fiber naturally present in sugar cane.

Sally B. Munch BarsAfter years of struggling with food allergies, Sally’s journey to health is nothing short of inspiring. Working in the foreign food commodities sector, she tried a coworker’s gluten free, dairy free bar, and it changed everything. “The world started to open up” says Sally, about the transformation into a new lifestyle. After attending the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, she returned to the tri-state area working at bakeries and experimenting with her own original ideas. Sally recalls some of the first Munch Bars she sold, “people reacted well to it,” and would return to the bakery asking about what they’d just eaten. It’s been an adventure in gluten free baking and entrepreneurship ever since!

Sally B Munch Bars can be found at all of our locations in three flavors: Maple Walnut, Coco Kale and Caravan Pecan. Perfect to add to your lunch or as a quick, nutritious snack!

4 thoughts on “Sally B Munch Bars, West Chester, PA – 11.1 Miles

  1. Hi I live in Philadelphia and I was in West Chester this pass weekend for a wedding I stopped at a coffee shop for coffee and a light snack, and my husband and I tried your Caravan Pecan, it was absolutely delicious. How can we purchase this for ourselves?

    • Hi Marie,
      We do not offer online orders, however, you can visit or call our Kimberton Whole Foods location in Ottsville and ask that they transfer the product from another location. Just ask for a manager to place a special order. Thanks for reaching out to KWF!

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