Staff Favorites: Cadia Brand

A year and a half ago, Kimberton Whole Foods made the decision to carry Cadia products in our stores; a decision fueled by the desire to bring additional savings to our customers, while maintaining our uncompromising commitment to quality. Cadia is an organic value brand exclusively dedicated to serving independent natural-food retailers like Kimberton Whole Foods. Their quality promise makes them a natural fit for our stores, and allows us access to wide range of products that we feel proud to bring to our customers. We currently stock nearly 80 Cadia products in our stores, including canned goods, frozen foods, snacks, beverages, and even household cleaning products.

To help navigate the numerous Cadia products on our shelves, we’ve compiled a list of staff favorites to get you started. Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite Cadia product that didn’t make it onto our list. (And stay tuned for future editions of our Staff Favorites!)

Cadia Italian Sodas

“I love, love, love the Cadia Blood Orange Sparkling Italian soda. It’s just the right amount of tart and sweet. We        served this at my wedding as an alternative to Champagne and everyone loved it!”

– Lindsay Rae Schmidt, Assistant Store Manager, Downingtown

“Cadia Italian sodas are perfectly carbonated and come in a delicious array of flavors. A great addition to any party!” –Robin Brett, Inventory and Merchandising Coordinator

Cadia Fire-Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa

“For me the Cadia Fire-Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salsa is great.  I add diced up avocado and/or shredded chicken and serve it as a meal.


The Farfalle (Bow Tie) Pasta is also great for making cold pasta salads.

Cadia Coconut Gelato

And the big Cadia favorite here in our store is the Chocolate Swirl Coconut Gelato. Our customers can’t get enough of it.”

– Leigh Breimhurst, Store Manager, Douglassville

Cadia Olive Oils

“Cadia olive oil is a great value and has great flavor- it’s a staple of our kitchen cooking!”

–Robin Brett, Inventory and Merchandising Coordinator

Cadia Flavored Sparkling Waters

“I love the flavored sparkling mineral waters.  Super refreshing on hot days!”

–Cath Jordan, Store Manager, Downingtown

Cadia Organic Maple Sandwich Cookies

“Personally, I love the Cadia Organic Maple Sandwich Cookies.  They are a great cookie, and pretty too!  They’re so full of maple flavor that if I close my eyes I can pretend it’s autumn and I’m in Vermont.

Cadia Organic Free Range Chicken Broth

I also love the Cadia Organic Low Sodium Chicken Broth, great price for a great organic product!”

–Carissa Weinfurter, Store Manager, Ottsville

Cadia Pear Juice and Crackers

“Cadia Pear Juice and Cadia Golden Round Crackers are both good quality and good value.”

– Peter Bickford, Receiver, Ottsville

Cadia Organic Ketchup

“Cadia Organic Ketchup has great taste at a great price!”

–Gerri Matey, Assistant Store Manager, Ottsville

Now it’s your turn!  Tell us about your favorite Cadia products for a chance to be featured in a future “Customer Favorites” post here on the blog!


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