Hershberger Heritage Farm, Sellersville, PA 31.2 miles

Hershberger Heritage Farm takes great pride in raising certified organic poultry on their family farm. Their chickens are pastured, giving them free range access to locally sourced non-GMO feed as well as a natural diet of insects and grasses.ย Nathan and is his wife Shelah Layton are passionate fourthย generation farmers. Nathan was raised on an 800 acre dairy farm in Bedford County, PA.

Hershberger Kimberton Whole Foods Chicken

Nathan and Shelah now own and operate Hershberger Heritage Farm. Since 2014, Hershberger Heritage Farmย hasย quickly gained a loyal following throughout the local area. Their practices goย beyond organic farming standardsย which include rotational grazing and Non-GMO verified feed for theirย pastured poultry. The farm’sย infrastructure is environmentally friendly, light, mobile, and easily scalable.