TLC for Sun-Kissed Summer Hair

There’s something about summertime by the sea that does wonders for both body and spirit. Walking barefoot on the beach, the scent of outdoor grilling, and beautifully tousled hair that feels thicker thanks to a daily beauty prescription of sand, salt and wind. Even skin looks more radiant as a result of sand’s natural exfoliation and saltwater’s rich mineral content.

As glorious as time spent at the beach may be, too much of a good thing can have a grueling effect on hair’s moisture, leading to dryness and untamable frizz—especially with already-high humidity! With the right kind of care, your locks can be as sunny and bright as the season.

The price of sun-kissed hair

When you spend prolonged time outdoors as is common in summertime, hair lightens naturally as the sun’s UV rays attack and destroy melanin, the body’s natural protection against sun exposure. Once melanin in hair degrades, it remains that way until new, healthy strands grow, because, technically, hair is already dead. While you may love the sun-kissed look at first, chances are you’ll be hating the brittleness and damage resulting from continuous exposure. Give your hair a break—such as under an umbrella or a stylish wide-brim hat that goes from beach to BBQ perfectly.

Moisturizing is not only for winter months

It’s a common beauty misconception that the high moisture content in summer air is sufficient to hydrate hair. It’s true that hair absorbs airborne moisture causing it to swell—and frizz. But as everyone knows, dry, damaged hair looks even worse when frizzy. To replenish moisture into untamable tresses, wash less and condition more including use of a leave-in conditioner and deep conditioning treatment. In fact, pack a leave-in conditioner into your beach or pool bag and apply before and after swimming. By saturating hair beforehand, it won’t absorb as much of the bad stuff such as saltwater and chlorine.

Keep keratin production humming

You may have heard about keratin hair treatments at your salon or as an ingredient in styling products. Keratin is a fibrous protein the body makes naturally to give hair, skin and nails strength and structure. Hair alone is comprised of roughly 80% keratin. And like all body parts that need protein to maintain their health, such as skin, muscle and joints, great healthy locks require a steady diet of amino acids that are converted to keratin protein. That’s when a keratin supplement like Reserveage Nutrition’s Keratin Hair Booster can help nourish your tresses from the inside by supporting natural keratin production.

Now, hit the beach!

The information in this blog was provided by the hair experts at Reserveage Nutrition. 


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