In our Bakery section, we offer a wide selection of hearty and wholesome breads, from whole wheat to gluten-free, and everything in between. We are especially proud of our local breads and sweets made by vendors within 100 miles of our distribution center in Downingtown, PA. Don’t forget to check our freezer section for sprouted breads, gluten-free goods, tortillas, dough, and more. Our baked goods are free of artificial coloring, high fructose corn syrup, additives, and preservatives.

Bakery Department Kimberton Whole Foods

You’ll Find

  • Fresh-baked breads, free of additives and preservatives
  • Organic and Locally-made sweets
  • Freshly-baked granola
  • Frozen gluten-free and sprouted breads
  • Frozen pizza dough, tortillas, and pastry doughs
Lebus Bakery, King of Prussia: 22.1 miles
LeBus Bakery operates out of King of Prussia, PA and has four locations throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. We've proudly offered their rolls, bagels, croissants and sandwich breads for over ten years.
Sweetwater Baking Company, Kimberton, PA – 15.8 miles
Sweet Water Baking Company is located in Kimberton, PA on the grounds of Camphill Village, a community for adults with developmental disabilities. The bakery has formed a wonderful partnership with Camphill by giving residents a chance to learn a vocation and practice new skills.
Bread Box and Bakery, Perkasie, PA: 34.2 Miles
Founders J. Ryman Maxwell of Perkasie and Vern Moyer of Silverdale opened Bread Box & Bakery in 2014 "with the hopes of bringing fresh baked, artisan breads and pastries back".
Stoudts Holiday Stollen
At the start of the holiday season, we begin to see a variety of seasonal foods at the store. We especially look forward to the arrival of freshly baked stollen.
Sally B Munch Bars, West Chester, PA – 11.1 Miles
Munch Bars are handmade and wholesome granola squares made with tasty local ingredients like almond butter and kale. They are "always gluten free, vegan and GMO free" and include organic soaked nuts and fair trade organic succanut.