From canned beans to gluten-free flour, our shelves offer choice, value, and specialty selections alike. Every ingredient is considered before a product arrives in our stores: you won’t find high fructose corn syrup, artificial food coloring, or preservatives. We value brands that are using safe and minimal packaging. We look for products that are organic, non-GMO, fairly traded, and made with responsibly sourced ingredients.

In our household section you’ll find organic and non-toxic options to clean and organize your home. We aim to offer products that are plant-derived and that are made with minimal ingredients.

You’ll Find

  • Special diets: gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, raw, vegan, vegetarian, and paleo options
  • Bulk good and spices
  • Pantry staples like canned beans, rice, pasta, crackers, and more
  • Fair Trade and Bird-Friendly coffee and chocolate
  • Quality oils and vinegars
  • International cuisine: sauces and unique ingredients from a variety of different cultures
  • Energy bars and healthful snacks
  • Organic foods for babies and young children
  • Local honey and maple syrup
  • Easy weeknight meals: pre-made soups, freezer pizzas, fast entrees, and more
  • Cleaning products like laundry detergent, dish soap, and window cleaner
  • Storage options including reusable containers, bags, and food wrap
  • Paper products
  • Natural pet supplies

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Gluten-Free Holiday Baking
Just because you’re following a gluten-free diet, we know that you don’t want to compromise quality, nor do you want to give up your favorite holiday traditions. We believe in starting with quality ingredients, like organic flours and meals that are naturally gluten-free.
Pumpkin Season is Here!
At this time of year, Pennsylvania-grown produce is abundant and beautiful - from heirloom apples to the countless varieties of winter squash - but no fall vegetable is quite so loved as the pumpkin. If you, like many, need to get your fix now that pumpkin season is here, look no further than the shelves of your local Kimberton Whole Foods!
Halloween Candy You Can Feel Good About
We're stocked and ready for Halloween with an incredible selection of treats, including a variety of organic, gluten-free and non-GMO options.
7 Ways to Save at Kimberton Whole Foods
Learn the 7 best ways to save at Kimberton Whole Foods on organic produce, grocery items, household essentials, and apothecary products.
Mompops, Kennett Square, PA – 13.6 miles
Mompops locally made vegan popsicles come in five fresh flavors sweetened with organic agave nectar. “We try to keep ingredients simple and kid friendly.”
Whiskey Hollow Maple Syrup, Rome, PA: 129.7 miles
This locally owned, family business bottles high quality maple syrup using environmentally responsible practices on their tree farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Artificial Food Coloring- Should You Avoid it?
Food dyes are synthetic chemicals derived from coal tar and petroleum that are used for the purpose of improving the appearance of food. Not only do dyes not play any role in improving the safety of food or boosting its nutritional quality, but the safety of these dyes is highly suspect.
NEW! Raw Probiotic Olives
These raw, heirloom olives are grown by small family farms and co-ops in Greece who follow the same traditional agricultural methods used in the region for thousands of years.
Hydration Resolution Round-Up
In response to a recent question we posed on social media, many of our customers indicated that a top health-related resolution for 2017 is to...
Gourmet Gift Guide
Need ideas for what to get for the “foodie” in your life this holiday? We’ve compiled some of our favorite gourmet and specialty goods...
Holiday Gift Guide for Guys
Wondering what to get for the guy in your life?  We’ve done the dirty work and assembled a carefully curated selection of gifts that...
What’s Jackfruit?
This tropical fruit's texture, versatility and abundance of vitamins and minerals makes it an excellent meat alternative.
Staff Favorites: Cadia Brand
A year and a half ago, Kimberton Whole Foods made the decision to carry Cadia products in our stores; a decision fueled by the...
Zsa’s Ice Cream, Manayunk, PA –  29 Miles
Locally crafted ice cream made with Trickling Springs Creamery's grass fed milk, seasonal ingredients and made from scratch baked goods.
The Honeybee Shoppe, Manheim, PA – 35.7 Miles
The Honeybee Shoppe provides, unfiltered goldenrod honey from the fields and forests of Central Pennsylvania.
Weckerly’s Ice Cream, Philadelphia, PA – 36.3 Miles
In just over a year's time, Andy and Jen have developed Weckerly's into a full scale business that produces some of the most sought after ice cream in Philadelphia.
Understanding Coconut Oil
Here's a breakdown of the most common questions to make decoding coconut oils easier.
Pureblend, Downingtown PA – 3.9 miles
Kari Dandrea, founder of Pureblend Tea, “is committed to providing healthy, socially responsible blended teas in an effort to raise consciousness for better living...
Wedderspoon Manuka Honey, Malvern, PA – 11.8 miles
Wedderspoon introduced the first Non-GMO verified Manuka honey products in the world, all made from sustainability harvested raw honey. Read our interview to learn more.
Tread Lightly on the Earth with these Sustainable Brands
In honor of Earth Month, we're showing our support for brands and local producers that make earth-friendly practices a priority, bringing us closer to a safer, cleaner and more sustainable planet.
Matcha 101
If you are looking for an alternative to your morning cuppa jo, look no further than matcha.
Hobo Ed’s Artisan Coffees,  Adamstown, PA – 21.5 miles
Get to know our longtime friend and local artisan, Ed, of Hobo Ed's Artisan Coffees in this month's local story.
Éclat Chocolate, West Chester, PA – 9.8 miles
Christopher Curtin is an award-winning Chef and Master Chocolatier who spent 14 years in Europe learning the classic chocolate and pastry making craft.
Nanna’s Secret Dukkah
The warm, earthy flavors of dukkah, a traditional Egyptian spice blend, can quickly transform your dish from appetizer to main entrée.
Sally B Munch Bars, West Chester, PA – 11.1 Miles
Munch Bars are handmade and wholesome granola squares made with tasty local ingredients like almond butter and kale. They are "always gluten free, vegan and GMO free" and include organic soaked nuts and fair trade organic succanut.
Bridge Street Chocolates, Phoenixville, PA – 15 Miles
Bridge Street Chocolates is located just a few miles from our Kimberton store in downtown Phoenixville. Owner, Gail Warner, believes that chocolate is an “everyday luxury” and makes her gourmet products accordingly.
Victory Ice Cream Comes to KWF
This summer our local friends at Victory Brewing Company released a special addition to their product line. A sweet take on the unique flavors found in their craft beer, Victory’s first ever ice cream products have taken both beer and dessert connoisseurs by storm. We're excited to be the first to carry Victory Brewing Company's new beer inspired ice cream.
Sipp Eco Beverage, Chester Springs, Pa – 12 Miles
Last month we visited Sipp Eco Beverage, located a few miles from our Kimberton store in a historic one room school house in Chester Springs, Pa.