At the heart of healthy eating are fruits and vegetables, and at the heart of our store you’ll find an abundance of organic produce. Our selection includes local, specialty, and seasonal items. We work with dozens of farmers in Southeastern Pennsylvania who practice sustainable agriculture and social responsibility. We define local as 100 miles from our distribution center in Downingtown, PA and demonstrate our commitment to local, sustainable agriculture through our partnership with the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) and other agricultural organizations.

Produce Kimberton Whole FoodsYou’ll Find

  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Fair trade tropical fruits
  • Heirloom produce from local farms
  • IPM tree fruit from local orchards
  • Fermented vegetables and cold-pressed juices

Key Terms

Two Gander Farm, Downingtown, PA – 2 miles
Two Gander Farm is a 10-acre family farm operated by Trey and Deirdre Flemming. This husband and wife team has been running the farm together since 2010. Their farm is located within a beautiful 260-acre preserve owned and managed by the Brandywine Conservancy.
Behind the Scenes: Our Produce
Our Produce Category Manager recently toured some of the California farms that supply our stores with fresh organic produce.
Weaver’s Orchard, Morgantown, PA – 14 Miles
Weaver’s Orchard is a four-generation farm located in Berks County, PA. Their preservative-free apple cider is pressed from September through May.
Esbenshade’s Greenhouses, Lititz – 30 Miles
Esbenshade’s Greenhouses are family owned and operated in Lititz, PA. This local business provides us with the highest quality seasonal plants.
Local Stone Fruit From Frecon Farms
Established in 1944 in Boyertown, PA, Frecon Farms has been growing locally for 70 years. Visit the KWF blog to read our full interview with Steve Frecon.
Paradise Organics, Paradise, PA: 18 Miles
On 5 acres of lush, green farmland in Paradise, Pennsylvania, work begins at sunrise for Chris Petersheim, owner of Paradise Organics.
Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, Lancaster, PA – 32 Miles
Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative and its farmers are driven to provide high quality, locally grown and raised products, while staying focused on the small family farm.
What’s Jackfruit?
This tropical fruit's texture, versatility and abundance of vitamins and minerals makes it an excellent meat alternative.
Mad Dog Farm, Bloomsburg, PA – 74 Miles
Mad Dog Farm is a small diversified and sustainable farm located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Black garlic is made on-farm from our sustainably grown garlic. It’s heat fermented...
Lady Moon Farms, Chambersburg, PA – 105.2 miles
“Lady Moon Farms started in 1988 with 5 tillable acres and a dream”. Owner Tom Beddard had a dream to change the world by growing...
Jacob’s Raw: Palm, PA – 29.5 miles
Introducing Jacob's Raw Cultured Tonics, packed with organic produce, these nutritional tonics are the perfect immunity boost!
Pennsylvania Grown Winter Squash
Autumn's harvest brings a variety of versatile and vibrant winter squash, organically grown from local Pennsylvania farms.
Subarashii Kudamono, Coopersburg, PA: 39.5 Miles
Locally grown and hand selected gourmet Asian Pears from the Lehigh Valley.
Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms, Landenberg, PA – 15.5 Miles
Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms has been family owned & operated since 1919 and is celebrating its 25th year of organic mushroom production.
True Leaf Microgreens
If you are trying to “shop small,” microgreens might be an ideal place to start. True Leaf Microgreens, owned and operated by Eric Franks...
Reasons to Celebrate Citrus this Winter
We can’t get enough citrus fruit this winter! Citrus fruit is commonly associated with summer dishes and recipes because of its refreshing, juicy texture and bright tangy flavors, but did you know that citrus is in season during the winter months? And for good reason...