Rounding Up at the Register

Rounding Up at the Register is a program that gives you the opportunity to give back to your local community every time you shop. You’ll have the option to round up to the nearest dollar when you check out, and the difference will be donated to a local non-profit. (You can opt to donate more*, if you wish!)

Every month we’ll donate to a different non-profit at each of our seven locations. Plus, we are matching your donations. Meet our May recipients, below.

COLLEGEVILLE:  Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center 

Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center is a hospital run by licensed wildlife rehabilitation professionals. They provide healing and temporary refuge for injured and orphaned wild animals. Their goal is to release them back into their native environment, and to educate and encourage people to care about and coexist with wildlife. To date, they have treated over 85,000 animals.

DOUGLASSVILLE: Animal House Project 

Animal House Project is an all-volunteer based charity. Their mission is to keep pets at home and out of shelters by providing food, supplies, and veterinary services to those in need. They serve families that are in the tri-county area including senior and retired military veterans, returning military, single parents, families that are impacted by the recession, dealing with serious medical issues, or other issues that may keep a family from being able to feed their pet. In order to further assist clients, they’ve partnered with The Spayed Club to provide low-cost spay and neutering. They also provide flea and tick medicine, and large quantities of food to shelters and rescues.

DOWNINGTOWN: Lucky Dawg Animal Rescue

Lucky Dawg is a no-kill, all-volunteer based animal rescue located in Chester County. They’re dedicated to rescuing homeless, abused or unwanted animals, as well as educating the public. Lucky Dawg places animals in responsible, committed, and loving homes. Considerable care is taken to find good matches for both the animal and the adopter, and they remain committed to the animal’s welfare beyond the adoption process.

KIMBERTON: Ryerss Farm  

Founded in 1888, Ryerss Farm is the country’s oldest non-profit organization of its kind, dedicated to providing a comfortable retirement for horses. They care for aged, abused or injured horses, providing a home where they can spend their golden years out to pasture. The horses at Ryerss are never worked, go to auction, or are used for experiments.  They simply spend their days grazing and enjoying life with their friends, as part of the herd.

MALVERN: Diamond Rock Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic

Diamond Rock Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic (DRWRC) rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife mammals and releases them back into the wild. The Clinic specializes in native Pennsylvania mammals and specifically the Rabies Vector Species (RVS) which are raccoons, foxes, coyotes, skunks, bats, and groundhogs. Founded in the Spring of 2005 in Malvern, Chester County, the Clinic serves the entire population of Southeastern Pennsylvania. They passionately care about all animals and provide advice, referrals, and rehabilitation services for them all.


OTTSVILLE: Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

Aark treats over 6,000 injured and orphaned wild animals annually. The majority of these animals are baby mammals and baby songbirds. These animals are brought to our center each year and treated with the goal of returning them back to the wild as quickly as possible. Aark Wildlife also provides information and educational programs that promote the respect and appreciation of our local wildlife.

WYOMISSING: Animal Rescue League of Berks County

They are a nonprofit animal-welfare center that cares for over 5,000 animals annually. For the past 70 years, they’ve worked tirelessly to care for the sick, treat the injured, comfort the unwanted, and protect the abused. They offer human-animal support resources, low-cost veterinary services, animal control programs, and animal cruelty/humane law investigation throughout Berks County.

Does your organization make a measurable impact on our local community? To be considered as a recipient of a future donation, please fill out our Rounding Up at the Register Application. Requests for donations made in-store, over social media, or over the phone cannot be accommodated.