Special Order Program

As part of our commitment to outstanding customer service, we are happy to offer you a discount when you pre-order a case of any product.  We can order any item that we carry on our shelves, as well as some items we do not. (Subject to availability through our vendors.)

Kimberton Whole Foods Collegeville Sales

Here’s how our Special Order Program works:

  • Products must be pre-ordered by the case to qualify for the Special Order discount.  (They may not be taken directly off of our shelves.)
  • When your product arrives, we will notify you and hold it aside for you.
  • Items already sold as cases are not given an additional discount.
  • If a product is currently on sale, you get the sale price PLUS the Special Order discount. However, the product must be purchased and received before the sale ends.
  • Please note: We will hold a non-perishable product for up to two weeks.  Perishable item hold time is based on expiration date, which will be less than 2 weeks. Customers who fail to pick up their orders will lose their eligibility to participate.

Special Order Discounts:

  • GROCERY AND PERISHABLE (soup, pasta, yogurt) 10%
  • BULK ITEMS (Dried fruits, beans, grains) 20%
  • APOTHECARY ITEMS (gifts, vitamins, health & beauty products) 10%
  • PRODUCE 15%