Current Sales

May Sales Flyer

*Monthly sales provided by INFRA. Product availability may vary. KWF is proud to be a member of the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association. Visit the INFRA website to learn more.

  • Supplement Sales

    Every month our Supplements department offers great deals on your favorite products. This is just a snapshot of some of the savings you’ll find.

  • Grocery Sales

    Each month, we offer sales on some of our best-selling and customer-favorite grocery products. Don’t miss the chance to stock up and save!

  • Household & Body Care

    Every month our Household and Pet departments offer great sales on customer-favorites. Stock up and save on these household essentials.

  • Weekly Organic Produce Sales

    In addition to our weekly organic produce sales, we offer great deals on a variety of products each month. Visit our current sales page to view this month’s deals.