Donation Request

Kimberton Whole Foods serves as a community market with a passionate commitment to integrity and sustainability. Our business focuses on local, organic, biodynamic, nonGMO, fair trade, humane/cruelty free and third party-certified foods.

In order to maintain the health of the overall business, we cannot respond with a donation to many of the large number of requests we receive each week. We thank you for your interest in working with us for your initiative and ask that you review the following criteria before submitting your request.

Your organization must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Sustainable agriculture and organic food systems
  • Environment and conservation
  • Local arts and culture
  • Philanthropic services

Additionally, your organization must have a measurable impact on the local community (defined as within 50 miles of one of our stores) and be unaffiliated with a political party or religious organization.

To be considered as a recipient, organizations should:

  1. Be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and provide their 501(c)3 number.
  2. Apply for a donation from the store located closest to your organization or event.
  3. Apply at least six weeks prior to your event or fundraiser
  4. Submit a Donation Application online

Requests for donations made in store, over social media, or over the phone cannot be accommodated.

Submit a Donation Application

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