The Apothecary’s Top Picks for Green Beauty

IMG_9215Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your beauty routine with organic and locally made products, but changing out your beauty staples can feel daunting! The KWF Apothecary Team is a great resource for taking the first steps to green up your beauty regimen. This month we talked with Apothecary about what green beauty means to them, and they shared their top picks for greening up their beauty regimen with us:

“For me green beauty is about radiating health and wellness. I try to eat right and treat my skin to delicious plant based skin care. I love using herbal tonics and nutrient dense oil based serums on my face to nourish my skin and achieve a healthy glow. The newest in my rotation is from a Pennsylvania based company called Botanivore. Their Shitake Mushroom Toner and Nourishing Serum are filled with home-grown and responsibly sourced goodies like shitake mushrooms, lavender, jojoba oil, argan oil, and meadowsweet seed oil. Yum!” – Hannah K., KWF at Kimberton

Arden and James“My local green beauty pick would definitely be Arden and James Lavender Honey Butter. This company is amazing; owned by a local mom who makes all the products herself! Supporting a local company who I know uses clean ingredients is important to me.” – Hannah O.‬, KWF at Kimberton

“A recent addition to our local green body care, Nature & Company makes a complete facial care line. I have especially enjoyed their creamy cleanser “For the Love of Hydration”, it has a nice quality of effective cleansing that is also gentle and good for sensitive skin types as well. “Rich Girl” moisturizer pairs nicely with this as well, looking forward to trying more of their line!” Liz, KWF at Kimberton

“My favorite local, green beauty product would have to be the body lotions and scrubs by NatCheryl. She uses clean ingredients and fantastic re-usable jars. All of her products smell great, and any kind of packaging that I can re-use I’m a big fan of!” Courtney, KWF at Downingtown

“To me adopting a green beauty routine means, knowing the source of materials, the country of origin, and most of all the ingredients used in my beauty products. My favorites brands for green beauty are Far Earth Creations and Botanivore.” – Vivian, KWF at Douglassville

Whether you switch out a conventional product for a locally made item, or make a point to do some extra research about product ingredients, adding some green to your beauty routine can be the first step to looking and feeling your best, inside and out.

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