Seven Stars Farm, Kimberton, PA – 15.6 Miles

Seven Stars Farm is a 420 acre certified Biodynamic dairy farm in northern Chester County, Pennsylvania. Using the milk from Jersey and Jersey crossed cows, the farm has been making high-quality yogurt since 1986. Using Biodynamic practices, they strive to be a self-sustaining mixed livestock farm to enhance the health of the farm itself and its products. Their cows receive the majority of their diet directly from pasture and are kept in a clean, comfortable environment where they are free to move about as seasonably permissible. Live cultures and organic ingredients like maple syrup and vanilla extract are the only additions to the non-homogenized, pasteurized milk used to make their yogurt.

Seven Stars Farm Kimberton Whole Foods

Seven Stars Farm is especially important to Kimberton Whole Foods. Our founder, Terry Brett, started the yogurt program there in order to utilize all the milk produced by their herd, and his wife Pat opened a farm stand where they could sell the yogurt. That farm stand grew to become the original Kimberton Whole Foods store. Walking distance from our first store location in Kimberton, Seven Stars Farm now makes four flavors yogurt that we are proud to offer in our stores: Whole Milk Plain, Maple, Vanilla, and Lemon, as well as Low Fat Plain and Low Fat Maple.

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Kimberton Whole Foods Seven Stars Farm