Sustainability at Kimberton Whole Foods

At Kimberton Whole Foods, we aim to conduct all areas of business in a respectful and ethical manner. This includes considering the ways in which our actions affect our planet. Here are some of the ways that we work to reduce our footprint.

Shellbark Hollow Farm Kimberton Whole Foods

Reducing Food Waste

Perishable and non-perishable foods are donated to local food banks, rescue agencies, churches and community groups. Our local partners include the Daily Bread Food Pantry, The Lordโ€™s Pantry in Downingtown, Coatesville Youth and Womenโ€™s Alliance, Fiorenzaโ€™s Food for Friends, and St. Peterโ€™s Church Pantry. We coordinate with these organizations on a weekly basis to ensure that food is quickly connected to those in need.

We work with local farmers to repurpose our organic, compostable food waste into farm gold! Weโ€™re proud to work with producers likeย  Neighbour’s Farmstead and Shellbark Hollow Farm, who use our compost to feed their pigs, hens, and of course, to make nutrient-rich compost.

In 2019 we kept 30 tons of produce out of landfills through our compost and food donation program.

Distribution Center Kimberton Whole Foods

Our Distribution Center

Our distribution center in Downingtown serves as a central location for our local vendors, and reduces the number of trips (and carbon emissions) that they would otherwise take to our 6 stores. When you buy local, you are also making a positive choice for the planet.

Reducing Packaging Waste

One of our largest distributors, KeHE Elkton MD, is offering reusable totes in place of corrugated repack boxes for select customers. We have joined this program to drastically reduce the day-to-day waste associated with operating a grocery business.

PASA Kimberton Whole Foods

Sustainable Farming Partners

We support the work of organizations like the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) and the Biodynamic Association, because we believe that truly responsible farming is the way to a sustainable future. We proudly donate to both organizations as well as participate in the annual Produce for PASA campaign and Sustainable Agriculture Conference.

Bag Tree Kimberton Whole Foods

Climate Committee

As members of the Climate Collaborative, we work with other natural grocers, food companies, and distributors to leverage the power of the natural products industry to reverse climate change. To support our participation with this group, we have formed our own Climate Committee at Kimberton Whole Foods, built from dedicated team members from all of our stores and departments, who meet monthly.

Thanks to our Climate Committee, we now offer biodegradable & compostable produce bags, made using non-GMO corn starch. Each of our stores has a Bag Tree, where customers can borrow a reusable shopping bag or donate their extra bags from home to share with a neighbor in need.ย We also switched to recyclable receipt paper, which uses Vitamin C to transfer the thermal print rather than harmful chemicals. They are BPA- and BPS-free. Learn more.

bulk foods Kimberton Whole Foods

Bulk Shopping

We encourage our customers to bring their own containers when buying from our bulk section for zero-waste shopping. Look for bulk spices, coffee, grains, and more. Product selection varies by store location. Note: Stop by a register before you fill up, so a team member can weigh your containers.

  • Lessen Your Footprint

    April is Earth Month, and it is at this time of year especially that we like to take a moment to consider our impact on this beautiful planet. One of the biggest ways you can lessen your footprint on a daily basis is to reduce the amount of waste you produce – namely plastics.