Matcha 101

If you are looking for an alternative to your morning coffee, look no further than matcha. Matcha, a green tea unique to Japan, is rich in many nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and chlorophyll. This tea has a complex, rich taste that, while initially bitter, is followed by a lingering sweetness. Unlike most teas, matcha comes in powder form, so when you drink it you ingest the whole leaf and all of its nutrients, not just the brewed water. As a nutritional and antioxidant powerhouse, one glass of matcha equals multiple glasses of regular green tea.

Matcha Latte Kimberton Whole Foods

We recently talked with local producer, Kari, of  Pureblend Tea about why she loves matcha, and her favorite way to enjoy it.

“As the company owner, I need to have 100% faith in my products. Of all our teas, my first love and favorite product is Pureblend Organic Matcha. Since drinking matcha I have completely stopped drinking coffee. There are a multitude of benefits in matcha that coffee did not give me. And the best part is that I do not crave coffee throughout the day! For the past 5 years of drinking matcha regularly I have noticed that my joints don’t swell, I have not gotten sick to the point of fever and I still feel fantastic after every cup of matcha that I drink. The caffeine and L-theanine content gives me the perfect lift without the jitters or caffeine crash.” – Kari Dandrea, Owner of Pureblend Tea.

Local Honey Matcha Latte: Kari’s Morning Ritual

  • 1 tsp. matcha
  • 2 tsp. local honey
  • 12 oz hot water
  • 4 oz milk, steamed
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon and/or ground cardamom (optional)

Combine matcha and honey in a mug. Add hot water, stirring, just a bit at a time. Add milk, sprinkle with cinnamon or cardamom and enjoy!


Want a step by step guide to making the perfect cup of matcha? Check out this video tutorial from Organic Connections!