Sustainable Household Tips

In celebration of Earth Month and to help promote sustainability at home, we asked our team members for practical recycling/upcycling ideas they use around the house.

Team Member Elisa gets additional use out of eggshells. “Whenever I crack an egg, I toss the shell into a mason jar and cover with water. After letting them “steep” for a day or two, I strain the eggshells and use the the water for my houseplants.” The calcium from the eggshells is used by plants to strengthen stems and leaves while providing structural support for cell walls. Supplying a sufficient amount of calcium results in rapid and healthy plant growth.



This is Mari! She uses leftover materials like packing peanuts and/or Styrofoam to fill the bottom of terracotta or decorative plant pots to raise her plants higher and use less soil. This makes the pots lighter and easier to move as well as reuses materials that would otherwise go to a landfill. If you place the packing materials in a plastic bag they do not get wet and you can keep using the same bag for years.



Kimberton Whole Foods Team Member, Becca, shares her secret to the best homemade salad dressings. “I make a lot of salads and my pantry lends itself to my inspiration, as I like to use the last bits of condiments that you just canโ€™t get out of the jar. An empty mayonnaise container โ€“ Iโ€™m making Creamy Italian. A bottle of maple syrup with a few last drops in it โ€“ Maple Balsamic. My personal favorite is saving mustard jars and using them to make a zippy vinaigrette!”



Team Member Sam shares that she upcycles honey, nut butter, ghee, and yogurt jars to store bulk herbs, grains, and spices.

Pro-tip: to easily remove labels and writing from jars, soak them! Fill a large pot or plastic dish tub with enough hot water to cover the jars, 1-2 tbsp. dish soap, and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Soak for at least a day. You may still have to scrub any remaining label off but the dish soap and vinegar will help dissolve the glue.



We hope you have enjoyed these tips as much as we enjoyed them sharing them with you! Remember that we can all do our part, not just during Earth Month but every day, to make small changes in our homes that are better for the environment โ€” every little bit helps โ™ป๏ธ


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