Organic Mechanics Soil Company, Modena, PA – 5.2 Miles

At theย Organic Mechanics production facility, located in Modena, PA, the companyโ€™s commitment to running a sustainable business goes beyond soil production. In addition to creating 100% organic peat-free soil using locally-sourced ingredients, Organic Mechanics has adopted earth-friendly practices that range from using bio-diesel delivery trucks and manufacturing equipment, to utilizing recycled materials to make shipments. Their earth-friendly line of 100% organic soil blends are preferred by professional gardeners, local farms, and botanical gardens because they are made with everything plants need to flourish naturally.

Mark Highland, owner and founder of the Organic Mechanics Soil Company, has never been afraid to get his hands dirty. Even as a boy, he was drawn to spending his days outdoors, playing in the dirt. Over the years Mark developed his passion for caring for the earth into a career. He got the nickname, the โ€œOrganic Mechanicโ€ during his time at the University of Florida, where he studied Environmental Horticulture. His graduate work helped develop the compost that is used in potting soil at Longwood Gardens, where he became the Compost & Soil Specialist. In 2006, Mark founded the Organic Mechanics Soil Company.

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The Products

Seed Starting Blend

Use in seeding flats, pots, or any container in which you’ll be starting seeds. This 100% organic potting soil is great for vegetables, herbs, annuals, and perennials.

Container Blend

This is an all-purpose organic potting soil that is great for large containers (up to 250 gallons) or any plant that needs well-drained soil. Perennials, woody plants, and herbs all do wonderfully in this soil.

Premium Blend

Use this potting soil for plants and crops grown in containers, including transplants, tropical plants, and indoor plants. It is full of compost and worm castings, and is Organic Mechanic’s most moisture-retentive blend.

Planting Mix Compost Blend

This compost blend can be used as a soil amendment to revitalize your garden soil. Great for vegetable gardens, trees, flowers, and more.

Organic Hardwood Bark Mulch

Organic Mechanic’s Hardwood Bark Mulch creates a dark, rich mulch layer in your garden and is safe to use around kids and pets. Use it in any garden area for a beautiful look that will build your soil’s organic matter as is breaks down.

Q&A with Organic Mechanics Founder, Mark:

What’s the most rewarding part of your business?

Sharing a message of sustainability for home gardens & gardeners. Seeing gardeners go earth-friendly in the garden. Donating potting soil to schools and planting gardens to teach children the life lessons of growing a garden.

What are signs of healthy soil? Unhealthy soil?

Well there’s soil and then there’s potting soil. Soil is in the ground – sand, silt, clay, water, air space, organic matter. Potting soil is actually soil-less, and in the case of Organic Mechanics, consists of compost, coconut husk fiber, aged pine bark, worm castings, and rice hulls. That said, the following is true of each type, both soil and potting soil. Healthy soil is abundant with soil biology, has good moisture holding capacity, but is well drained. Unhealthy soil has low soil biology, can have poor drainage, poor water holding capacity, or any number of other specific problems, and is usually nutrient deficient.

How can a customer tell if their plants are happy?

Your plants will tell you when they’re happy! If plants grow consistently and stay green – all is right with the world. Even if your plants don’t grow much don’t fret, they just might not have enough light, water, or nutrients. Soil should dry out in between waterings, but must be watered frequently to ensure the soil stays evenly moist. If growing veggies or annuals, you need fertilizer to keep plants looking their best. A 4-6-4 fertilizer is perfect for flowering and fruiting plants since it has good Phosphorus content (the middle number).