Weaver Valley Farms, Strasburg, PA – 22 miles

John Stoltzfus of Weaver Valley Farms raises his cattle on pasture in Lancaster County, PA. We’re proud to support local farmers like John, who put care and time into producing meat that is raised humanely and is of the highest quality.

Weaver Valley Farm Kimberton Whole Foods

Photo courtesy of Seneca Shahara Brand

Why did you start raising cattle?

John started raising beef to feed his family, but he quickly realized that others wanted to purchase sustainably raised, quality meat. He has now been raising cattle for two decades.

How large is your herd?

John cares for a herd of about 90 Black Angus and Hereford cattle.

Tell us about your growing practices.

The cows receive supplemental hay and alfalfa grown on the farm, and never receive hormones, antibiotics, GMO-feed, or animal by-products. John says that with pasture-raised beef, “you just can’t rush the process.”

Tell us how rotational grazing works.

Rotational grazing is the practice of moving livestock between different pastures, or paddocks, to encourage optimal grass growth and prevent overgrazing.

Tell us about the dry-aging process.

At Weaver Valley, the beef is dry-aged for 14 days before it is processed. This dry-aging process creates the most tender and flavorful beef products.

Do you still sell directly to friends and family?

John continues to sell to friends and family. “[Our customers] trust our years of hands-on experience,” he says.

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