A Note to Our Community from CEO Terry Brett

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I want to acknowledge my deepest gratitude, respect, and admiration for all our KWF team. The positive morale and community service of our team members in these uncertain times — while many work in direct contact with the community — displays extraordinary courage and team spirit, especially as many service industries have been closed by state mandate.

Due to the nature of our business, we in the grocery retail industry are being called upon to perform an “essential service” for our communities; a role that we have always served in the past but that seems much more critical now that our services are being viewed as “a front line of defense and safety for promoting health and wellbeing to our customers.” We all feel the strain, but of what I have seen personally and heard from others, our amazing team has risen to the challenge and is working tirelessly to ensure that Kimberton Whole Foods remains open and available to serve our customers the best quality whole foods and healthy products.

We ask our customers to be patient with, courteous to, and thankful for our team members who continue to open our stores and serve the community.

Under normal circumstances, we embrace the community atmosphere our customers bring to Kimberton Whole Foods — found throughout the aisles of our store and in our cafes. During the current circumstances, when person-to-person interactions are limited in our everyday lives, we ask that you don’t see grocery stores as an exception. We also encourage our customers to shop without other members of their family during this time, if possible. Family shopping trips increase everyone’s risk including your family, our team members and other customers. Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “A Note to Our Community from CEO Terry Brett

  1. Thank you all, especially at the Collegeville store, for the first relaxed, comfortable shopping experience I’ve had in a month!

  2. I’ve shopped at the Kimberton location for years, so I do miss the relaxed atmosphere, but the employees are making the best of a bad situation. Space is a challenge at that store, but most customers seem to be abiding by the 1 shopper request, and most seem to be wearing masks. I look forward to the day when the cafe reopens and we can all get back to a bit of normalcy. Thank you for the great service during this trying time.

  3. I am a regular customer at the Collegeville store. I’m so grateful that you are there. Thank you with all my heart to all of your staff at this time. I feel safe and taken care of when I come in to shop and happily abide by any requirements to keep everyone well. May you and your families all be safe and healthy.

  4. I am new to this community and your store and do not know what is in the aisles but thanks to the kind telephone attention that I have received, I have been able to order and get curbside groceries and now know how to order online and get help with the food I need and products you have on hand. I am so happy with the quality of the groceries that are brought out to the trunk of my car and appreciate the wonderful job that your dedicated young employees are doing to help all of us stay safe and pray that they remain out of danger…I will be looking forward to actually making my first in person shopping at kimberton whole foods when normal life resumes.JoAnne

  5. My wife and I are vegan and shop the Ottsville location for value and quality items. Keep up the good work in these trying times😀

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