Agua Fresca Recipe

This popular Mexican drink means “fresh water” or “cool water” and is a blend of fresh fruit, water, sugar and lime juice. One of the benefits of this drink is that unlike a traditional juice, it is made in a blender and is not strained so you get all of the fiber from the fruit and it won’t cause a blood sugar spike. This festive, family-friendly mocktail is the perfect way to celebrate on a weeknight —  just add tacos or your other favorites!

 What You’ll Need

·        1 cup roughly chopped fruit (we recommend hulled strawberries, peeled cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe or pineapple

·        1 cup water

·        ½ medium lime, juiced

·        1 teaspoon pure cane sugar or agave nectar or sweetener of choice (if your fruit is perfectly ripe and sweet, you may not need any sweetener at all)

·        Optional: 2 large mint leaves (perfect with cucumber)


1.      In your blender, combine the fruit, water, lime juice, sweetener and optional mint leaves. Purée until smooth.                   Taste and, if necessary, add more lime and/or sweetener, then blend briefly again.

2.      Serve immediately, over ice.