Chicken Bone Broth

KWF Co-Owner, Pat Brett, shares her warm and nourishing chicken bone broth recipe for winter wellness, made with simple pantry staples.

What you’ll need:Kimberton Whole Foods bone broth

2lbs chicken parts – we suggest using wings
4 quarts water
2 large carrots, cut in chunks
1/2 of a celery bunch, cut into chunks
1 onion, quartered
Stems from a bunch of parsley
A few cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon Himalayan pink salt
1 tablespoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon dried sage
1 teaspoon black pepper


Put all these ingredients in a large stockpot – no need to peel vegetables. Cover pot, bring to a full boil, stir, then turn down to a low simmer. Let simmer for 4 hours, stirring once an hour. Turn off heat, and allow broth to cool for half an hour. Pour through a mesh strainer. Divide into canning jars or other containers that can be refrigerated. This can also be made overnight in a large crockpot, cooking for 8 hours.

3 thoughts on “Chicken Bone Broth

  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I hope I can make this once I have the time. Because of my too busy schedule, I tried Au Bon Broth. I wasn’t expecting anything, but I was surprised because of how tasty and delicious it is. It’s just the right one for me.

  2. Any suggestions for what to do with the chicken wings after making this? Is it possible to make them crispy after alll that time soaking?

  3. Hello Brenda, Thank you for reaching out! After all that time simmering, the wings will basically completely break down and fall apart. (You won’t be left with whole, intact wings.) You might be able to salvage bits of meat after straining, and incorporate them into a soup or stew. Let us know how it goes!

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