Lady Moon Farms, Chambersburg, PA – 105.2 miles

Lady Moon Farms started in 1988 with 5 tillable acres and a dream. Owner Tom Beddard had a dream to change the world by growing his own food and creating a healthy environment for his family. It was important to Tom that the food he grew was free of dangerous chemicals because he wanted his children to grow up strong and healthy. That dream became a reality and Lady Moon Farms has become the largest producer of organic produce on the East Coast.ย The farm is locally located in Chambersburg, PA but has now expanded operation to Florida and Georgia. ย The expansion has allowed Lady Moon Farms to grow their Certified USDA Organic produce year-round.

Lady Moon Farm Kimberton Whole Foods

Lady Moon Farms takesย sustainabilityย seriously, by considering the environment, the community, and their employees. In fact, over 90% of Lady Moon Farm’s workers are employed year round and have a fair hourly wage pay with annual pay raises. They also receive a holiday bonus, paid time off, paid lunches, reimbursement for travel, and health benefits. โ€œFrom the beginning we believed that social justice was just as important as soil health and to that end has been on the cutting edge of redefining the life of the migrant farm worker,” Tom shares. ย To give back to the community, they also donate millions of pounds of produce to local food banks. On the farm, they take steps to protect air quality and soil health.ย Their farm here in Pennsylvania utilizes solar panels which provide for over 20% of their energy needs.

Lady Moon Farm Kimberton Whole Foods

Lady Moon Farms is a member of theย Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agricultureย and has worked on many environmental projects like improving biodiversity and soil health, reducing waste, and utilizing renewable energy.ย  โ€œAt Lady Moon Farms we incorporate many different practices with a promise to put more into the soil than what we take out, ensuring a healthier Earth for our Future,” says Tom.

To prevent erosion they use mulch and cover crops as well as wind breaks where possible. Cover crops increase organic matter, keep excess nutrients from leaching into ground or surface water, provide nutrients to the cash crop that follows, help improve soil structure, and can provide food for bees at critical times of the year. ย To reduce waste, all of their packaging materials are made from recycled materials, are recyclable themselves, or are biodegradable.

Lady Moon Farm Kimberton Whole Foods

Kimberton Whole Foods and Four Seasons team members visit Lady Moon Farms

Look for Lady Moon Farms produce at your neighborhood Kimberton Whole Foods!

4 thoughts on “Lady Moon Farms, Chambersburg, PA – 105.2 miles

  1. For years I considered Lady Moon to be a good source of organic produce. Hearing how they treat their employees reaffirms that they are a great company. Thanks for the article!

  2. I have used lady moon farms greens and saved the recipe tag for cooking ideas but never looked up the farm name until this morning…I was so touched to read the story and ideals of the farm and the owner..thank you!

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