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August 26, 2015.

KWF would like to share the following statement which acknowledges recent news surrounding fermented cod liver oil supplements:

Kimberton Whole Foods is aware of some concerns around Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Until more clarity and studies are forthcoming, we will no longer be carrying this product. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Basic info. about Cod Liver Oil.

We’d like to share this article from the New York Times with you: What’s in Those Supplements? by Anahad O’Connor. Published Feb. 3rd, 2015.

The article covers recent developments surrounding the transparency, integrity and standards of major store brand supplements and offers vital information to consider when choosing your supplements. In light of these developments, we also want to share our Apothecary Category Manager’s statement regarding the standards of supplement brands available at KWF.

“Kimberton Whole Foods offers a wide range of superior quality supplements brands that practice stringent quality control standards of their raw materials, including chromatography, DNA testing, etc., to ensure purity, strength and composition. Our customers can trust that the ingredients in their bottle of supplements are true to its label.” – C.B., KWF Apothecary Category Manager


We’re happy to help! Ask any KWF Apothecary Team Member for assistance to learn more about the supplements on our shelves.

Aisle 7

You can also learn more about general Supplements Standards Kimberton Whole Foodssupplement use via our Aisle 7 database, available on the Apothecary page of our website. This database features recent publications, quick tips, a comprehensive health guide, and an A-Z index covering general wellness, supplement use, recipes and more. Check out this article from Aisle 7’s Healthnotes Newsire to learn more about the New York Attorney General’s assessment of store brand supplements.


“In response to the New York Attorney General’s recent recall of herbal supplements from four major retailers, the Council for Responsible Nutrition has assembled a microsite for consumers to keep them abreast on important information and how CRN is responding to the issue.” – The CRN.

The CRN’s microsite is a great resource with lots of helpful information. Check it out here!

What about herbal supplements?

The CRN offers an easy to read infographic that helps to explain how DNA testing isn’t ideal for testing herbs, since it’s the phytochemicals that are preserved for their health benefits, not the DNA.

Company Statements

To provide more information on specific supplement brands’ standards and quality, we’re making statements and overviews from a few of our top supplement companies available to you. We encourage you to research any supplement company or brand to learn more about their practices, sourcing, quality and standards.


NaturalVitality QC Declaration 20150205



SNandPlanetaryQC Statement 2-11-15


NOW Foods:

To explore additional supplement brands available at KWF, check out our supplement sales page and our February flyer.

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