True Leaf Microgreens, Pottstown, PA – 17 miles

If you are trying to “shop small,” microgreens might be an ideal place to start.

True Leaf Microgreens, owned and operated by Eric Franks in northern Chester County, is one of the more recognizable locally-grown items carried at Kimberton Whole Foods.

“Whether it is for our family or our community, providing fresh, nutrient-dense greens gives us a feeling of joy and purpose.”

Their offerings include the ever-popular mixed salad and arugula varieties in 5 oz clamshells. They also sell sweet pea shoots, baby kale, micro basil and micro cilantro. True Leaf can be found at Lundale Farm, a 520 acre farm in Pottstown, PA. The greenhouse is part of a sustainable farming community that is a place of inspiration, innovation and opportunity for new farmers, landowners, and others committed to locally grown food.

Mixed salad and arugula are available year-round, since they are grown in climate-controlled greenhouses. These tiny edible plants – snipped when they grow an inch or two high – are sought after by many chefs for their nutrient density and many culinary uses. You can grow your own greens while utilizing very little space (e.g. windowsill).

Check out Frank’s book, Microgreens: Guide to Growing Nutrient-Packed Greens.