New Arrivals

We’re always looking for exciting new itemsย to offer our customers. Our team valuesย the ingredients that go intoย making high quality products and the integrity of the companies making them. Product availability varies by location. Can’t find what you’re looking for at your local Kimberton Whole Foods? We’re happy to place special orders for our customers!

Firehook Honey Graham Crackersย 

Firehook Crispy Graham Crackers are perfect for snack time or with limited edition Dandies Campers jumbo vegan marshmallows and your favorite chocolate for the perfect s’more! Each 7oz pack contains 12 decadent, artisanally crafted crackers with a crisp, buttery texture and a rich, graham flavor. Almond Biscotti and Chocolate Biscotti are also available.

Hiyo Watermelon Lime Seltzer

More than just an alcohol alternative, Hiyo tonics are crafted with organic adaptogens, natural nootropics, and functional botanicals to help elevate your mood. This non-alcoholic watermelon lime seltzer is a light and playful ode to summertime with refreshing watermelon that’s finished with a hint of lime. It provides a stress-relieving, mood-boosting lift that they like to call “the float”. Made with organic ingredients, it’s low in sugar and only contains 30 calories. Other flavors include Peach Mango and Blackberry Lemon.

Family Farmstead Dairy A2 Whole Milk

This A2 milk is from cows that are 100% grass-fed and raised on a family farm. The cows live their natural lives outdoors, eating a variety of plants that provide them with a well-balanced diet. They get plenty of fresh air, sunlight, and exercise but are also provided with shelter during the cold and wet weather. The milk is unique, changing taste as the cowsโ€™ diet changes from summer, when they’re eating fresh grass, to winter when they eat dry hay or baleage (fermented grass). A2 dairy is favored by many for its health benefits and contains higher Omega-3โ€™s, more CLAโ€™s, digestible proteins, and heart-healthy fats.

Carolina Kettle Coastal Crab Boil Potato Chips

To achieve the ultimate crunch and 100% genuine Carolina flavor, they start with the finest potatoes available and hand-cook them in small batch kettles using a blend of light, non-GMO oils. They then toss them in natural spices and unique flavors. Coastal Crab Boil flavor boasts a secret selection of spices has been used for generations to add flavor to this classic seafood feast. Outer Banks Sea Salt, Honey Sriracha, Cream Cheese and Chives, and Rosemary and Garlic are also available.

Habit Nail Polish Let’s Call it a Chartreuseย 

This bio-based nail polish collection is a game changer! With a wide selection of vibrant hues, they’re vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free, earth-friendly, and infused with Myrrh extract to support your nail health. They package with recycled plastic components, biodegradable bamboo caps to keep plastic use to a minimum, and FSC-certified paperboard boxes. The line is Leaping Bunny Certified, in addition to PETA, FSC, and 1% for the Planet, and they giveback 2% of sales to support ocean cleanup and to provide access to fresh produce to food insecure communities.


Thanks to farm-grown meatless mycelium, MyBacon has the taste, texture, and joy factor of real bacon from the salty-sweet-savory harmony of flavor, to the crisp, meaty pull of each bite. Made with only five ingredients โ€” organic mushroom mycelium, organic coconut oil, organic sugar, natural flavor, salt. Simply let it sizzle on medium to high heat for 6-8 minutes and enjoy!

Orinoco Coffee Mocha Java Whole Bean Coffee

This family-owned company has been handcrafting specialty coffees and carefully roasted using first-class equipment and highly-trained personnel for more than 100 years. All beans are certified fair trade and sourced from some of the finest coffee growing regions in the world. Mocha Java blend has a light body and high acidity coupled with an exotic spiciness. Other flavors include Sumatra Takengon Whole Bean Coffee and Peruvian Whole Bean Coffee.

Earth Fed Muscle Elixir Electrolyte

Locally made in Reading, Elixir contains 3 times the electrolytes of a normal sports drink and none of the added sugar. An imbalance in sodium can affect the central nervous system and may manifest in the form of headaches, confusion, irritability. Electrolyte intake, particularly sodium,ย bypassesย dehydrationย and restores fluid balance in the body. It’s low carb, keto and paleo friendly. Simply mix one packet into about 16oz. of water, but you can use a little more or less to suit your taste. Available in Berry and Citrus flavors.

Bored Cow Strawberry Animal Free Milk

Bored Cow is made with milk protein from fermenting sugar into whey. The result is a milk protein that’s identical to the one found in dairy. It’s then fortified with calcium, potassium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and contains 10g of complete protein. It’s also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and cholesterol-free with a sweet, smooth strawberry flavor. Original, Vanilla, and Chocolate Flavors are also available in both 110z. and 32oz. sizes.

Gopi Paneer Cheese

This firm cheese is high in protein and is often substituted for meat in vegetarian entrees in Indian cuisine. Commonly used in curried and vegetable dishes, Paneer can also be deep fried, marinated, barbecued, or used in sweet desserts. It’s made with real California milk and without artificial growth hormones, preservatives, starch, gums, gluten, or gelatin.

ShanYi Thai Green Curry Tuna and Rice

Enjoy authentic, delicious, and high protein Asian cuisine in 90 seconds! Each meal comes with Thai green curry sauce, wild-caught tuna, and jasmine rice. Simply pour the sauce over the rice, warm it up in the microwave and enjoy. Made without additives or preservatives, it’s non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free. It’s also shelf stable so you can toss it into your bag and go. Thai Panang Curry Salmon and Thai Panang Curry Tuna and Rice are also available.

Garden Bar Blueberry Lemon Fruit Snack Bar

A delightful fusion of sweet, ripe blueberries and the zesty tang of freshly squeezed lemons, this snack delivers a burst of refreshing flavors in every bite. The zesty citrus notes harmonize with sweet blueberries, creating a delicious treat that is both refreshing and satisfying. Made with only blueberries, apples, agave, psyllium husk, coconut flour, citric acid, and lemon oil they are certified non-GMO and made in the USA. Other flavors include Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Banana, and Wild Berry.

Salus Floradix Ashwagandha Liquidย 

This easily absorbed, gentle liquid ashwagandha supplement supports the bodyโ€™s stress response and helps you adapt to lifeโ€™s challenges. Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng and winter cherry, has been used for centuries in India as an adaptogen and can help you handle the stress of daily life. This formulaย  also includes vitamins C and B12 to support your nervous system, as well as herbal extracts of passionflower, lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, and peppermint. It’s easily absorbed, gentle-to-digest, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, lactose and alcohol free. Floradix Iron Tablets, Floradix Iron Support, Floradix Iron & Herbs Capsules are also available.

Pretzelized Honey Mustard Pretzel Crackers

More than just a pretzel, theyโ€™re two favorite snacks in one โ€” a crunchy pretzel on the outside and a cracker on the inside. These bite-sized snacks are ideal for enjoying on the go, at home, and everywhere in between. The savory-sweet balance of honey mustard delivers the perfect amount of tanginess and zest. They’re non-GMO and kosher with no trans fats. Sea Salt Pretzel Crackers and Cheddar Pretzel Crackers are also available.ย 

Mary Ruth’s Liposomal Hair Growth Max

If youโ€™re looking to grow longer, thicker hair this formula is loaded with ingredients to support the hair growth process. This delicious almond cookie-flavored liposomal contains multiple nutrients to support healthy hair and skin. It contains 160mg Lustriva, clinically shown to improve hair growth and increase hair thickness for women in just 3 weeks. It can also improve skin health, appearance, reduce facial wrinkles, fine lines, and improve skin texture. It contains biotin magnesium biotinate, a unique form of biotin that is 40x more soluble than D-biotin, pumpkin seed oil, and a proprietary herbal blend of saw palmetto fruit, eclipta whole plant, and amla fruit. Other new Mary Ruth’s products include Energy Dissolve Strips, Liposomal Post & Prenatal Multi, Magnesium Calm Gummies, Mood & Cognition Dissolvable Strips, Iron Gummies, Sleep Dissolvable Strips, Women’s Liposomal Multi + Hair Growth, Liquid Morning Multi + Hair Growth, and Kids Sugar-Free Magnesium Calm Gummies.

Fresh Fizz Organic Sparkling Jalapeno Limeade Soda

Fresh Fizz Sodas are made with natural juices, fresh herbs, spices, and are sweetened with honey. This Jalapeno Lime Soda provides refreshment with a kick and is made with only 4 ingredients โ€” carbonated water, lime juice, honey, and jalapeรฑo peppers. It’s only 60 calories and paleo friendly. Other flavors include Organic Sparkling Mint Lemonade Soda and Organic Hibiscus Gingerale.ย 

Southern Recipe Small Batch Krutonesย ย 

Krutones are a crunchy, protein-packed, and gluten-free alternative to traditional croutons. Made from small-batch seasoned pork rinds you can toss them your salad, dress up your favorite soups, or add savory flavor and crunch to your favorite casseroles. Flavors include Butter & Garlicย orย Italian Style for a truly unique and flavorful addition to your favorite dishes.ย 

Superieur Electrolytesย 

Superieur Electrolytes are unique because of their use of Himalayan salt, plant extracts, sea minerals, real vitamin C, andย zero sugar. They’re also non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. Their lineup now includes two new flavors โ€” Strawberry Lemonade and Lola Lemonade.

Updated June 2024