Barbecued Chicken with Watermelon Cucumber Salad

Our weekly Real Meal offers you a healthy dinner idea, using our favorite organic and all-natural products. (And featuring products from our Weekly Real Deals.) This week, we’re preparing the perfect meal to enjoy outdoors all summer long: Barbecued Chicken with Watermelon Cucumber Salad.  For detailed barbecuing directions, try using this guide.

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  1. Break down a whole chicken OR purchase your favorite already-prepped chicken cuts. Coat the pieces in oil and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Prepare your grill so that one side is hot (for searing) and the other side is cool. Once hot, sear chicken pieces on the hot side, and then move to the cooler side and cover the grill. Begin basting with your favorite barbecue sauce about 20-30 minutes into cooking. Then, continue checking, basting, and turning the chicken for another hour to two hours, until cooked through and tender. (The goal is slow cooking, not a quick sear!)
  3. While chicken is cooking, prepare salad: Combine 3 cups chopped watermelon, 1 1/2 cups chopped cucumber, 3 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp lime juice, and salt & pepper, to taste. Gently fold in 1/3 cup feta cheese and 2 tbsp chopped mint.
  4. Serve cooling Watermelon Cucumber Salad alongside the barbecued chicken. Enjoy!

Watermelon salad recipe courtesy of Dinner at the Zoo.

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