Benuel’s Eggs, Honey Brook, PA – 10.1 miles

benuels eggs kimberton whole foodsPleasant Pasture Farm sits on a sprawling 67 acres in Honey Brook, PA, bordering Lancaster County. Past the barns of dairy cows, cattle, and pigs lies a lush green field, where there are two portable chicken tows: flat beds with a canopy cover and ramps for the chickens to descend into the pasture. Since 1983, the farm has been owned and operated by the Stoltzfus family. Today Benuel Stoltzfus and his wife Hannah, along with their four children tend to the farm, caring for the grass fed cows, chickens, and pigs. 

benuels eggs kimberton whole foods

Chickens are free to roam the meadow at Pleasant Pasture Farm

The chickens are free to roam the meadow, eating grass, insects and worms and are supplemented with feed from local farms that use organic practices. “I’ll buy [feed] from an organic farmer or from a farmer in transition to become an organic farmer.” says Benuel. Buying from these transitional farms “encourages producers to start switching [to organic]”.

Sustainable and humane farming practices are held at a high standard for the Stoltzfus’s. They originally began producing organic milk in the 1980’s due to fluctuations in conventional milk prices, “But in a couple years after following the organic practices, that changed.” They began to value eating organically raised and produced foods and the impact it had on their family, “it turned into a health reason. Family health was a big concern”.


benuels eggs kimberton whole foods

Covered chicken tow on the pasture

Pasture-raised birds spend most of their life outdoors, with a fair amount of space plus access to a barn. Many are able to eat a diet of worms, insects and grass, along with feed.


We support a number of local egg producers within 100 miles of our Distribution Center. These local farms, many of which are family-run, prioritize the humane treatment of their animals by providing them with open space to roam and feed, sheltering them from bad weather and predators, and feeding them a diet free of GMOs, antibiotics and chemicals. Discover other locally sourced eggs available at your local Kimberton Whole Foods, here.

7 thoughts on “Benuel’s Eggs, Honey Brook, PA – 10.1 miles

    • Hello Patricia, We’re so happy you enjoy the eggs from Benuel’s! Kimberton Whole Foods sells ground beef from another local vendor, Weaver Valley Farm (on sale until the end of day today!), this producer is located in Strasburg, Lancaster County. Our marketing team wrote this blog post after visiting the farm, so that we could share more information with our customers. We are unsure if they do tours of their farm, you can give them a call at 717-768-3437 to learn more. Best, KWF

  1. Do you take pot belly pigs? I have a pot belly pig that i need to find a home. I don’t want it to be eaten.

    • Hello Tania, Thank you for reaching out! We do not – we would suggest calling a local animal sanctuary to see if they can assist you. Thanks again, Emily at KWF

  2. We are Kimberton residents and are concerned that your (flocks) are free and live natural and relatively open lives on your farm. Do you allow and encourage visitors to observe that your chickens are indeed “free”;, we would be pleased to support your natural life-style for our feathered friends.

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