Tread Lightly on the Earth with these Sustainable Brands

At Kimberton Whole Foods, we make an effort to tread lightly on the earth – it’s why we are so adamant about supporting sustainable agriculture and buying local. We’ve also created our own Climate Committee, which meets regularly to assess ways we can lessen our impact. Some of the small things we do (which add up to big results) include using energy efficient equipment, efficiently transporting products with clean diesel trucks, going paperless whenever possible, and providing recyclable receipts and compostable produce bags for our customers. We work with local farmers to compost our food waste from our stores and cafes. We also donate regularly to environmentally-conscious and sustainable farming organizations.

In honor of Earth Day, we’re showing our support for brands and local producers that make earth-friendly practices a priority, bringing us closer to a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable planet. You’ll find hundreds of products on our shelves that meet that description: here are just a handful to look for the next time you shop!

Kimberton Whole Foods Peace Tree Farm

Peace Tree Farm, Kintersville, Pa – 44.3 miles

In 1983, Lloyd and Candy Traven started Peace Tree Farm by adopting sustainable practices for growing and selling herbs and traditional garden center plants. Today, the business is still family owned, including their son, Alex, who manages the complex and complicated world of biological controls. While the business has always been conscious of the environment, they began a transition to organic practices in the early 90’s and became certified organic in 2009. Real our local story to learn more about how they use an intelligent watering system and unique pest and disease controls to maintain sustainable greenhouses.

Stay tuned to our social media and website for updates on Herb Starter Plants (expected late April), Lavender Starter Plants (expected early May) and Vegetable Starter Plants (expected mid-May).

Organic Mechanics Kimberton Whole Foods

Organic Mechanics Soil Company Modena, Pa – 5.3 miles

At the Organic Mechanics production facility, located in Modena, PA, the company’s commitment to running a sustainable business goes beyond soil production. In addition to creating 100% organic peat-free soil using locally-sourced ingredients, Organic Mechanics has adopted earth-friendly practices that range from using bio-diesel delivery trucks and manufacturing equipment, to utilizing recycled materials to make shipments. They’ve mastered the art of producing high-quality soil while giving back to the earth in the process.

One Village Coffee Kimberton Whole Foods

Photo Courtesy of One Village Coffee

One Village Coffee Souderton, Pa – 27.7 miles

One Village Coffee is passionate about creating sustainable communities by working directly with growers living in villages in Africa and South America to grow and harvest fair trade coffee. To continue their stewardship and dedication to sustainability, this local coffee producer recently started packaging their beans in compostable coffee bags.

One Village Coffee is one of the founding B Corporation certified companies in the country – in fact, they are one of the first 50 members to ever be certified, and were the first coffee roaster to achieve this status. As they describe on the B Corporation website, “B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” Or, to put it simply, they use the power of their business to support social and environmental health.

Camphill Tea Kimberton Whole Foods

Kimberton Hills Biodynamic Tea, Kimberton, Pa – 11.5 miles

If coffee isn’t for you, there are a variety of environmentally-friendly tea varieties to choose from. There’s something special about enjoying herbs that come from your back yard, which is why some of our favorite teas come from the Secret Garden. This tea is made locally at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, using a variety of herbs that are harvested from their garden. Best of all, the herb garden is biodynamic and provides residents at Camphill Village with an opportunity to learn about sustainable gardening through hands-on experience. Available in our Collegeville, Kimberton, and Ottsville stores.

Seventh Generation Kimberton Whole Foods

Photo Courtesy of Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation

As a leading household brand, Seventh Generation takes environmental protection seriously. Inspired by the Great Law of the Iroquois, the company’s name perpetuates its mission: to create a consumer revolution that nurtures the health of the next seven generations. From dish-washing liquid to diapers,  Seventh Generation has worked to create a line of plant-based products that are free of toxic chemicals, making them safe for your family and the earth.

Seventh Generation remains transparent about every step of the manufacturing and sourcing processes for their products. Their website features annual sustainability reports and ingredient disclosuresTo take their initiatives a step further, the company also started the Seventh Generation Foundation, which provides “grants to non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations that promote and improve environmental conservation, the sustainable use of natural resources, human health and social welfare.”

Find even more eco-friendly cleaning brands in our Safe Spring Cleaning Guide!

Dermae Kimberton Whole Foods

Derma e

Derma e® goes above and beyond to ensure that their skincare products are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Since 2008, they have been manufacturing with wind power, a clean, renewable energy. It’s part of their continued effort to completely offset carbon dioxide emissions.

Derma e®  formulates its products without animal byproducts or genetically modified ingredients. Each step of the manufacturing process takes environmental impact into consideration. Their products are made with organic ingredients whenever possible, sourced from farms that practice sustainable agriculture, packaged with recyclable components, and never tested on animals.

What are your favorite eco-friendly brands? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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