Real Meals: Vegetable Burger Reuben

We pride ourselves in stocking our stores with the highest-quality ingredients with which you can make any variety of healthful, delicious meals. Still, we know that sometimes a hectic weeknight calls for something you can put on the table quickly and with little-to-no effort. That’s why every week we’ll inspire you with a speedy weeknight meal that can be prepared using products made by brands we trust.

This week’s inspiration is a twist on the classic Reuben: we prepare this vegetarian version with a convenient ready-to-eat veggie burger found in our freezer section. Have this dinner on your table in just 5 steps!

Real Meal Kimberton Whole Foods


  1. Warm veggie burgers according to package directions, then set aside.
  2. Brush just one side of bread slices with olive oil. Spread Thousand Island or Russian dressing on the non-oiled side.
  3. Start building sandwiches: On half of the bread slices (dressing side up), place a slice of Swiss cheese, then a veggie burger, a scoop of sauerkraut (drained), and finish with a second slice of Swiss cheese. Press another slice of bread on top of that, dressing side down.
  4. Griddle sandwiches over medium heat for about 5-10 minutes per side, or until toasted and warmed through. (Use a nonstick pan, cast iron pan, or panini press.)
  5. Serve with your favorite chips. Optional: Serve with a green side salad to round out this meal.