2019 Holiday Gift Guide

This year, consider gifts that make an impact. Your purchase of locally-crafted goods, like handmade pottery, jewelry, and herbal medicine, supports our local economy and directly impacts families and producers in our community. When you shop for fairly traded items, like adorable finger puppets knit in Peru, it ensures safe and healthy conditions for workers. Eco-conscious gifts like re-usable thermoses and candles packaged in up-cycled glass containers are thoughtful, low-waste gifts that show others (and the planet) you care. When in doubt, gifts that bring good health, like quality essential oils and soothing salves are a simple way to bring joy to someone you love. You’ll find something unique for everyone on your list at Kimberton Whole Foods!

Gift Guide Kimberton Whole Foods

  1. Finger Puppets | fairly traded
  2. Jewelry | handmade and fairly traded
  3. Greeting Cards | by independent artists
  4. Body Care | local and organic options
  5. Mugs | handmade locally
  6. Essential Oils | diffuse your home with holiday scents
  7. Ornaments | USA made and fairly traded
  8. Candles | handmade locally
  9. Reusable Thermoses and Water Bottles | for the eco-conscious
  10. Wool Hats, Socks and More | fairly traded
  11. Herbal Products | handmade and grown locally
  12. Chocolate | organic and fairly traded
  13. CBD Balms and Tinctures | for optimal wellness
  14. Serenity Stones | each with a loving message


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